What Is Monster Golf Swing

OK - here's the reason I am asking this question.Those who fllow my posts will know that I have been fitted by two different manufacturers in recent months.Primarily based on the stats from one of these, I purchased a set of their irons (also somewhat enticed by a stonking promotion)My existing 7-year old Mizunos have a S300 shaft in them, yet both fitting sessions spec'd me as a R300Anyway when the new bats arrived, I instantly noticed a problem on the course. I was consistently hitting a club, if not 2 more than I had previouslySo what? I hear you ask.Well, what is monster golf swing the Trackman stats of this particular "fitting" showed figures some 20 yards superior to the other fitting and to a recent independent fitting, indicating that I should have been hitting these a club *further* - not 2 less!! Given I had purchased these clubs under somewhat false pretences, I have contacted the manufacturer, provided evidence of the independent fitting (which also tested my old Mizunos as a control and these matched my other fitting) and have returned the clubs to them for verification that they have been built as specified (1/2" longer, 2┬║ upright, regular shafts)If they have been built to spec, then I will be demanding a full refund as the fitting session was more of a "fitting up" one.One of my concerns though, is that with the new clubs, I had a tendency to snap-hook, which I have never suffered from before.reverting to the stiff-shaft old clubs cured this instantly. That's why I was asking about shafts.