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said "Love love LOVE their food.if you compare their food to that of other restaurants there's simply no competition.the taste…" read more. said "Met some friends on a Friday evening for dinner and was looking forward to checking this new place out! The service was better…" read more. Fat Rice is godly. And yes, you will pay a pretty penny to dine here if you do it right. But I promise you won't be disappointed! I'm not sure how we managed it without reservations (does Fat Rice even take reservations?), but we scored a place at the bar at 6 PM on a Friday without any reservations. Fat Rice has a fairly small dining area, so I was surprised there wasn't any wait. Within half an hour, the place was completely full and there was a line of people waiting to put their name in with the hostess as we were leaving. So, my advice would be to go a little bit earlier to avoid the waiting. I also just generally would not recommend coming here with a group larger than four people. I don't think it's designed to seat big group of people.We were started out with waters and our server brought us an amuse-bouche of some kind of pepper, which tasted delicious. The server explained that Fat Rice is meant to be a shared plates kind of place, but we decided to skip that and order our own dishes (mostly because I eat meat and my girlfriend doesn't). We both decided to get curries and both were really tasty. Mine, which had meat in it, had a slightly thicker consistency curry that I preferred to my girlfriend's vegetarian sweet potato version, but both were pleasing to the tastebuds. We also enjoyed drinks before our entrees and they were fantastic! Honestly, I would return just to grab drinks at the bar and maybe one of those delicious-sounding apps.The only thing that irked me a little bit was that we were charged for the rice. Really? I've had curry at a lot of places and rice always automatically comes on the side of a curry dish. Automatically. Included in the price of the dish. It was just your average everyday white rice (which is worth maybe two cents). I don't know, maybe I expected a little bit more of a place that has rice in the name of the restaurant. Eh, not for me. Took over an hour to be seated, and the food wasn't worth the hype.Our waitress wasn't very pleasant. My friend is a bit of a picky eater and eats some seafood but not others. She told the waitress she was a vegetarian yet open to eating shrimp dishes but not scallops (I don't understand the logic either but whatever, she's allowed to eat/not eat whatever she wants) and the waitress replied "you know shrimp isn't vegetarian, right?" Yikes. As a vegetarian myself, I felt there weren't many options for me. I had the vegetable curry which was edible, but man it could've been so much better. It was very thick and heavy and yet not very flavorful. Something about the consistency kind of made me feel sick. My boyfriend and another friend split the fat rice dish which they enjoyed but agreed that this place wasn't worth the hype. We won't be back. Fat Rice has been open for a while, and my crew of four stopped by for lunch last Friday (taking advantage of the day off!).  Not only did I miss the hype, I think I missed what makes--or made--this place special.We tried all of the lunch items and I had a mango mimosa (the drink was just fine).  That means we also had the chicken (a half-chicken goes for $16 and comes in two flavors; we got both the spicy Fatracha and the peanut-y tangy Afrikana), the Zhu-Pa-Bao (the banh mi-ish flattened pork sammie), a round of the pork dumplings and the veggie dumplings, and the Nasi Lamak rice dish.All of it--truly, every dish that I tried, although I did skip the Afrikana chicken dish because of a peanut allergy--was average.  Flavors were fine, in some cases muted, and all of it was prepared well and the sandwich was on fresh bread.  It just wasn't special, and for the serving sizes and the prices, I would have been IRATE if we had to wait in line for an hour to eat this food.  (As it was, we strolled in at exactly 11 AM last Friday and the staff was very accommodating, including seating for my 17-month-old.)Nice space, and the patio certainly helps.  If I was eating alone, the single-seat counter outside would have worked for me as well.  Service was ok.  Our a la card discount dining deck was put to good use here so we got $10 off of our meal.Very glad I finally got to eat here, but not incented to go back. Overall: Great mix of tasty Portuguese food with a cozy and hip atmosphere.The good: Food tasted great, with plenty of options to choose from and share. I wouldn't say it's 'authentic' but that doesn't mean that it's not good. The atmosphere is small and darker but the decor was neat. Luckily we didn't have to wait on a Saturday night. The waitress was friendly as well.The bad: Prices add up. Not a lot of seating. Atmosphere: 9/10Service: 9/10Food: 9/10. I went to Fat rice for my birthday dinner. This place is is great for a casual dinner with friends or a date. If you have a large party, this may not be the place for you. The dining room is cozy and they don't seat parties over 6. I didn't know about this rule, and I had a party of 8, so they seated us in groups of four, and we're kind enough to seat us near one another.  Also, there is no waiting area inside, so we waited for our tables on an outdoor patio. It's a cute space with seating, but I was wishing for an indoor waiting area after the sun started to set and it started getting cold.My friends and I like to share food, and my server was fantastic and gave me a great rundown on how much food to order. We ordered the linguica, the shrimp dumplings, piri piri chicken, and the fat rice. This was just the right amount of food for 4 people. *Tip: the fat rice has linguica in it so you don't really have to order the fat rice and the linguica if you only want a taste. Everything was fantastic. The only thing that was bad, and I mean very bad, was the person servicing the patio.  She was rude, aggressive, offensive, and just all around awful. She refused to give us a snack menu until we "settled up" our drink tab. Then she forgot to bring some of our drinks. Part of our party got seated, and she repeatedly asked us who was covering the tab and forced us to close our tab although we ended up waiting another 20 minutes for a table and had planned to order more drinks. She was in a big rush and almost knocked me down trying to serve other customers. I'm not sure what her deal was, but she almost ruined my evening. Besides her horrible non existent hospitality, I had a good experience. This is an interesting spot. Many communal tables that we barely fit at. I'm not a huge fan of the communal dining. Most of the food was actually really good. We finished our food and they asked for the we got up and left.The place is really small so be prepared to wait! I did hear they started taking reservations so I recommend doing that. If you wanna find traditional Asian food, this is not a good idea. We come here especially for "Arroz Gordo" following other's advice, and now I am gonna punch that guy on his face. Ok, yes the food was amazing, and the creations are completely original and unlike anything I've experienced before.  The problem was in ordering the food.Our staff would not give us a second to think about the menu and nagged us to make a decision.  Once we did, they told us our decision was improper and not fitting the culinary experience they seek to foster.  They said the selection we made did not pair well with the appetizers, and they said if we did not order desert with our appetizer we may not get a dessert later because they were too busy with a high volume of customers.  Eventually, we got our meal, it was great, my group was happy and well fed, and we were all well.  But damn! What a nightmare ordering our food. Just hearing the name of the restaurant was enough to sell me on this place. Rice? Yes please. Fat? Even better. I haven't had any previous experience with Macanese cuisine, in fact I did not even know Macau was a part of China (I thought it was in Spain. which is embarrassing because I've lived in Spain). Anyway, a good summary of Fat Rice would be: "overpriced Asian food made by hipsters." The food was good, don't get me wrong, but when the bill came we were all a bit flabbergasted. How did we spend that much and not notice?! The big winner of the night was the Portuguese chicken - the favorite of everyone at our table. I'm not sure how a bowl of this costs 20 bucks though. The big letdown of the night was the Arroz Gordo. We all thought it would be more substantial - the picture in the menu had us thinking it would be a large bouquet of food. When it came out we were like: "where is the rest of it?" $50 bucks for normal sized bowl.Overall, it was a good meal, but be ready to break the piggy bank. Hip hop and fusion-Asian / Portugese tapas served up in a nicely decorated sushi bar.  (I've been to a couple places (kinda) like this on the West coast and when done with good food and booze + hip hop, it can be a great experience.)    However, some of the pretentious rules stated and re-stated by staff can be overwhelming to the experience.  At least that's how we felt during our dining session.  (P.s. Seated only when our party had arrived fully. No waiting room, so during cold season, waiting on the rest of the party to join is not fun. So get your ass here on time!)Our waiter lacked personality and timeliness whenever approaching or leaving the table.  I'm not asking for much, just a few smiles, a couple cool recommendations and some banter in-between drink and food orders.  (She gave a few recommendations which didn't mesh with our palates) We got a few reminders about adhering to their "in-house rules" governing how to order food and what not to do with our potstickers.  (They insist that plates are "shared," and you should not state that the dish is "my dish" or "I'm ordering this for me." ((Maybe it was our specific waiter that was such a stickler!))  And regarding potstickers; I like double dipping, so to tell me to eat them whole because of it's soul. wasn't happening.) We ordered a couple dishes to share between four and I think we were all satisfied for the most part.  The craft cocktails were interesting and tasty and gave a sufficient buzz till food arrived.  Since the style of ordering wasn't like a standard meal, different items came out at different times.  Mixed pickles.S&S eggplant.PotstckersMalay veg curryraba-rabaPortugese chicken Porco balichang tamarindand a few more.   The experience was costly, though tasty.  I believe many of us had never tried Portuguese anything.We were full by the time we left.  (Per their house-rules and menu, a table should plan to spend a max amount of time: of 2 hours. At first glance, you think. who eats that long anyway. But once the orders are in and your group is imbibing good drink, time flies and by the time the serradura (you must order this) hit the table, we've realized we have overstayed our time!.  It's not like food and booze flew out of the kitchen. Everything took it's time.  That was one rule, she didn't hard press us for.  So, for that, we were happy.  In retrospect, I wish we had ordered their namesake dish.  Per the menu and the diagram of the entree it looked appetizing and something of interest to see in person.  I say wished because. although it was fun dining with friends, I can't say the experience was rounded out enough to warrant a second go.  Some flavors were exciting and others weren't as meaningful.  And then we factor the cost which was pretty hefty when looking closer at technique and portions.  Solid 3.5 for me. Fat Rice serves Macanese food, which is Asian fusion fare by dint of Macau being a trading hubs for centuries. We had the Arroz Gordo (Fat Rice) and Saba Saba (seasonal greens). The former was good, though my dining-mate didn't care for the raisins (I liked them). The latter was too salty towards the bottom of the plate, though I liked the vegetables. Portion sizes were reasonable. Overall I would say that the food was interesting and good, but not worth the price to come back again. We also got two of the specialty cocktails, which were on the sweet and cloying side, so we didn't care for them. The tables are very close together; while eating here, expect to unintentionally but constantly eavesdrop on your dining neighbors. If you have to wait for your table, you'll be directed next door to their lounge, the door for which is covered in Chinese newspapers. Service, service, service! The service here is phenomenal! The entire staff was so friendly!We were running late and called to let them know.  The host was friendly and understanding and gave no judgement (which helped because I hate being late and was so embarrassed).When we arrived they sat us right away. Our server came to introduce himself and talked us through the menu. Throughout the night the staff refilled our carafes and cleared our plates without intruding. The food: The portions are deceivingly large. We ordered the pot stickers and they we're delicious. The soy sauce includes garlic, scallions, and a chili sauce. So good. For our entree my husband and I shared the Arroz Gordo (Fat Rice). It was also delicious! It has everything in it; jasmine rice, Portuguese sausage, mussels, pork belly, duck, prawns, pickles, chilis, so much more. Their drink menu includes delicious cocktails and great Portuguese wine (try the Fura wine).Beware of the Diabo Ghost Pepper sauce. I was a little overzealous and I drenched my entire pot sticker with it. So tasty but deadly hot. A little goes a long way. I love ethic food, Fat Rice is a unique Macau-Portuguese restaurant with tons of tasty dishes!1. The inner deco is really cool and staff are super friendly! They will explain every dish served!2. The food is made fresh but the waiting time is not that long.3. I ordered iced tea shrub to start! It's a nonacoholic  house made soda that taste like cocktail:) the vinegar taste blended in the shrub made me happy:)4. Portuguese Chicken is my favorite! It's a curry type of dish with lots of ingredients in it! The chicken is really tender and the tea eggs are amazing! You should order it with their coconut rice, which is a good combination with the coconut milk based curry. 5. As a Chinese, I was amazed when I saw Mu-ER in Raba-raba! The dried fish sprinkles added a special taste of seafood in to the vege dish! Love it. 6. Spicy lovers: need to try their fat rice sauce!! It made my tongue on fire!!!Will definitely come back to try their brunch and the signature fat rice bowl!. I'm just full of five star reviews lately.  Perhaps it's because I've gotten to the point where I don't want to bother risking going somewhere that will potentially be crap?  Either way, Fat Rice was delightful.  Yes it's tough to get a seat and even to get a reservation at a "normal" time but if you're not afraid to eat dinner at 5:45, you'll be just fine.  Granny dinner and getting out of work at 4:30pm has been my key to getting in just about anywhere I want to be including Fat Rice.An amuse of pickled carrots and the beet appetizer got myself and my two pals started.  We decided to order a bunch of stuff to share which is a good plan here.  We shared the fat noodles with XO sauce, piri piri chicken (how could we not), malay vegetable curry, some coconut rice, and an order of papo seco.  We had plenty to eat and even had a bit of the piri piri chicken left, which I got to take home!  Everything was fantastic and frankly this review got written because I'm starving and fantasizing about the XO sauce right now.  I'll definitely be back as soon as I can schedule my next early bird special reservation. This was our second time dining at Fat Rice- the first time being 8 months ago before they developed their reservations system.  The hubby surprised me with reservations here and I was so happy! I loved this restaurant the first time and hoped that it would be just as good this time.My fave dish remains the Fat Noodles in XO sauce. Love the chewy noodles in the savory sauce.  Another great dish is the piri piri chicken. Good for sharing, very tasty and definitely order it with the coconut rice.  Under the specials we ordered the 3 for $10 bites including the pig ears, tofu and mushrooms and clams. We also got the shredded squash, which was alright but made us very full by the time the piri piri chicken and coconut rice came out. Service was very good and attentive. Overall, Fat Rice was as good as we remembered and we hope to be back soon with friends so that we can order the namesake dish, Arroz Gordo (Fat Rice). The food was imaginative and tasty, a winning combination.  We sat at a community table (it's a small space) and thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance. I am vegan, and had many options from which to choose. The is a coded such that any dietary issues can be easily addressed. The food, even with all the hype, was good. It reminded me of the first time I had Malaysian or Vietnamese food. It has flavor combos I hadn't considered. The staff, however, know their restaurant is hot right now, and were accordingly snobby. I usually tolerate a good amount of haughtiness, but they went too far, specifically the hostess. If this place wasn't in a city devoid of great Asian food, while still unique, I don't think they would get away with their attitude. The food, even with all the hype, was good. It reminded me of the first time I had Malaysian or… The food, even with all the hype, was good. It reminded me of the first time I had Malaysian or Vietnamese food. It has flavor combos I hadn't considered. The staff, however, know their restaurant is hot right now, and were accordingly snobby. I usually tolerate a good amount of haughtiness, but they went too far, specifically the hostess. If this place wasn't in a city devoid of great Asian food, while still unique, I don't think they would get away with their attitude. Read more. The food, even with all the hype, was great. It reminded me of the first time I had Malaysian or… The food, even with all the hype, was great. It reminded me of the first time I had Malaysian or Vietnamese food. Flavor combos I hadn't considered. The staff, however, now their restaurant is hot right now, and we're accordingly snobby. Read more. Fat rice is definitely and experience you should check out. I'm not educated or aware enough to know how "authentic" the food is, but I will say that it's not mainstream. We tried the 3 small sides for $10 and got the skate special, pig ear, and eggplant. The eggplant was delicious but really spicy. The heat just builds as you keep eating. The pig war is pickled with great flavor, but I just couldn't get over the gelatinous texture. The skate wasn't bad, but had a musky undertone that I couldn't decide if I like or not. For the main course, we shared the Devil's curry (not the right name, but it was a spicy curry) which was great. It wasn't as spicy as the eggplant, full of various meats and veggies, and overall delicious. I wasn't the biggest fan of the sausage in the dish, but that was a personal preference. Be sure to get some starch to eat with it. Overall, the food was a fun experience, but you definitely have to more of an adventurous eater. Had a great time!. Finally had dinner at Fat Rice last night. It was a great experience. First, if you want to have dinner at a tiny spot like this, don't expect to be seated immediately on a Saturday night and have someone patiently waiting to satisfy your every whim. It's called patron etiquette. If you're trying a new restaurant, you need to go with the flow, take recommendations from the staff, and relax. Don't think that you know more than the people who work there, the customer is not always right. We were walking by on a Wednesday night and noticed there were some empty tables. We headed in, ordered drinks and perused the menu. The waiter mentioned the potstickers and fat rice were popular, so we ordered those. It was a lot of food, but I wouldn't change a thing. Coming home with a lunch the next day is fine by me.They get a lot of things right here. It was just fun to get the big bowl of fat rice with a little bit of everything. It seems pricy when you see it on the menu, but consider it 2 large entrees and it's actually a good deal.Service was good, but I felt like it could've been better (but not enough to drop a star from my review). Don't live for the weekends! Stop by mid-week and skip the line! You'll have a better experience!. No, No, No. Ok, I need to not be so dramatic, but I love brunch and this made me sad.I ordered an iced tea off of their extensive tea list. I asked for sugar for it to be sweetened. This must have been a weird request because they forgot any sweetener. I had to ask again, they then brought me a small cup of simple syrup. Do people not like their tea sweetened?The apps were amazing. Croquettes and dumplings. I should have had those as my meal. I ordered the pork chop sandwich. Sounds simple right?  Nope. Gross. It was so greasy that I felt like I had a pool of oil in my mouth. It was served on a butter roll. Who butters and toasts a roll and then puts a pork chop on it?  Gross. The pork chop had a bone in, was also fried, greasy and pretty much inedible. Our server was pretty good but you can tell she was not used to questions about the menu. I will not be going back. I have had such a great experience here and wish I live in Chicago so I can come back again and again. We ordered-piri piri chicken African style: like it with the sauce-Portuguese egg tart: it is really authentic, the same as the ones I tasted in Macau-Porkchop bao: it is the best! The porkchop is both juicy and tender. Together with the house-made bread, it is the best! You have to try!-HK style milk tea: Another must-try! -The other fat rice: It was ok. Not my favorite. We had a nice talk with the waitress and it turned out she is half Chinese half American. The chef is Portuguese and I admired their passion for food and thank them for bringing authentic food to Chicago.  I wish I could try the Po Kok Gai and Fat Rice. It's always interesting eating at a restaurant that is native to a certain area when you've never had food from that area before. It makes the first time both the best and the worst. "Well this is the finest Botswanan food I've ever had!" exclaimed everybody. Except in this case substitute Botswanian with Macanese.That's not to say it's totally new. From what they say, the food of Macau is happily fusion and has been since before "Asian fusion" was a dirty word.I also knew that I had to try the Fat Rice. Yes I was aware that it feeds 2-3 "normal" people and that I wasn't totally sure I could eat it all despite how much I wanted to. And after a few appetizers and drinks got me ready, I dug in.In the true style of a dish where everything is thrown together in one pot, this was all over the map. Savory, sweet, spicy, rich, salty. Different parts of the bowl tasted differently. But they were all good. In my day to day life I eat a lot of rice and felt prepared for fat rice, but what I wasn't prepared for was all the sausage. Yeah I probably should have been, it is Chicago after all, but woah it almost got me.Almost.But no. I defeated the rice and felt fat. And happy. It all made sense. I want more. A+ cocktails, inventive,spicy Asia Fusion comfort.A rambunctious, vibrant neighborhood spot with loud noise levels and tightly packed tables, which is the only thing I can suggest you cast aside, and venture here regardless. It's hip, on point with their comfort food crossed with Asian Fusion. and it's too much fun not to try almost everything on the menu. Unless you are into leftovers and adventure, this might take 3 trips to do it justice.  We let the server guide us, as we caught up with old friends, and we had an incredible family style smattering of most of the menu.  Make sure to manage your spicey levels during ordering. they can get HOT.  Listen to your heart. be adventurous. and enjoy some fantastic and innovative food that proves Chicago's food scene is hitting high marks. This place has an interesting and very delish take on Asian food! The music sets the perfect mood. Love this place!. The service was great, but the food had no flavor. We got the pork dumplings, the pork chop sandwich and the coconut rice dish. The dumplings were super doughy and not a lot of meat was provided, although the sauce was pretty good. The pork chop was well prepared and the bun was buttery and crisp. Without the hot mustard, the pork chop was just a pork chop. Coconut rice, we could have made this at home. The Hong Kong milk tea was delicious. Crowded. Have to sit literally next to other group of people. Food is okay. We got the Fat Rice, was $48 and it is nothing special. Tea egg in the dish was too salty.We also tried the pig ears and peanuts for appetizers. They were good! Wine was overpriced and they only filled up 1/6 of the glass for $12.I like dining at fancy restaurants but they have to offer me what the price is worth. The music was loud in this place and hard to talk to my friend over the music. Not what I was looking for. My friend actually got us a 9:15 reservation on a Friday night - we got there around 9pm, the hostesses were friendly and directed us to their waiting room about 2-3 doors down the street where snacks and drinks could also be ordered. Pretty amusing set-up. We waited enough to appreciate the parlor vibe but not long enough to have to order any waiting room refreshments. Got seated at one of the communal tables with space between us and another couple at the end of the table but no space between us and a group of four that came later with one mildly obnoxious dude who was very impressed with himself for being able to eat head-on shrimp. They ordered the Fat Rice for four; we ordered the same for two. Our server seemed taken aback by our appetites.and then we got two desserts after handily finishing the Fat Rice. One apparently gets a small Fat Rice for finishing the whole thing with two and a bigger pin for finishing the Fat Rice solo!It did take maybe five minutes after seating for our server to give us water and talk to us about the menu - we got a side of the mixed Sichuan pickles to go with the Fat Rice upon his recommendation. The pickles were not as good as the complimentary Sichuan peppercorn pickled cabbage that came before the meal - whereas the cabbage's natural sweetness paired well with the vinegar and peppercorn brine, the brine used on the mixed pickles tasted flat and could have used just a touch of sugar. Perhaps the preparation was authentic but the flavors were less than inspiring. The Fat Rice (Arroz Gordo) is as glorious as illustrated in the menu and as described - the shrimp and clams were fresh, clean, and thoroughly seasoned. The curry chicken thighs were deboned, tender, and well-sauced. The char siu slices were thick, juicy, and total detox kokemuksia sweet whereas the linguica slices gave a chewy counterpoint on the other side of the pot. Underneath these generous toppings was rice infused with seafood and meat drippings and mixed with shredded duck and plump raisins. The rice was also decorated with slivers of little red chili peppers, tasty little olives (our server warned us the pits were still in), and cornichons. As expected, the rice had a charred bottom that was easily scraped up for our enjoyment. Drinks-wise, I got the Mallorca Melon iced tea, a refreshing but ultimately boring magneta liquid that tasted like hibiscus tea with a little fruity extra. It tasted like a somewhat less flavorful version of traditional Chinese sour plum iced drink. Friend was very happy with the salty g cocktail, which had a lovely herbaceous top note from whatever gin was used. He also got the tawny port with dessert - it was delicious on its own and went well with the potato tea cake's strawberry-rhubarb sauce but seemed like a somewhat skimpy pour for $12. In addition to the batata, we also got the serradura, an utterly delicious and creamy mousse covered in tea biscuit crumbs. A beautiful finish to a very strong meal. Absolutely delicious and unlike anything I've ever had! Service was quick and friendly. I made a reservation for a Thursday night, got there 20 min early, and was seated almost immediately. I would highly recommend making a reservation because it was totally full around 7:30, and when I left at 8:30, there was a wait of almost 10 people. My boyfriend and I had the salted cod spread and the signature fat rice. OMG. The fat rice may seem small because it comes in a regular sized bowl but between the two of us, we could barely finish half. The clams and prawns were perfectly seasoned, the pork and sausage were absolutely delicious and had a smoky flavor, the curried chicken was an excellent balance to the more salty flavors, and the rice itself was amazing that it deserves its own sentence: it was perfectly crispy and moist at the same time, and the duck breast and sausages were a beautiful touch. I can't wait to come back and try more!!!. Hmm. Difficult review to write. First, the service at the bar was over the top phenomenal. Seriously enthusiastic and committed to this place. Food;  The only real highlight was the Piri Piri chicken. And that was 5 f**cking stars. Everything else, while very interesting, was just ok. The asparagus was 4*. The potato dessert was a disaster. Avoid at all cost. Good gin and tonic.Would I come back?  No. I have been meaning to come here for brunch for a while and finally made it in.  I had a reservation which was good because I got here soon after opening, but the place was packed already.Tried several of the dumpling and brunch dishes.  Every dish was quite good.  The standout was the pastel de nata which is a Portuguese egg custard tart.  Would recommend coming here just to try that dish!  Best version I have had outside of Portugal. I am a big fan of this place and will be coming back when looking for Macanese or Portuguese food.… I am a big fan of this place and will be coming back when looking for Macanese or Portuguese food.  I got here at 5:50 on Saturday and there was a huge line forming outside the door despite the bad weather due to the restaurant not accepting reservations.I think prices here are very reasonable for the quality and I thought service was very good.  My group got out of here for $44 a person while ordering a ton of food.I liked every dish we had which is pretty unusual when I order so many dishes.  Some of the standouts were:-potstickers - I was pleasantly surprised by how good the meat and vegetarian potstickers were.  They also served it with a very authentic and balanced diping sauce.-Portuguese chicken - chicken in a slightly creamy sauce that tastes like a mild curry, but I have been reading isn't really curry-piri piri chicken - chicken in a spicy and sweet pepper sauce-fat rice - chicken, pork, seafood, and rice all cooked up in a clay pot-mini side dish starters-rice crispy treat dessert. Read more. I don't understand why this place only had four stars. It should have ten in my book! Best restaurant in Chicago. I had read that Fat Rice may be considered for a Michelin star next year based on this year's Michelin "starrings" of Chicago restaurants, so a friend and I came here for dinner to see what all the hype was about. We had a few small plates, the potstickers, two beverages, and the mini version of the arroz gordo in stew form and let me tell you: it lives up to the hype. I would not be at all surprised if it garners a Michelin star next year.The stew was ridiculous! So flavorful and vibrant. It was doused with a ton of ingredients and spices and the outcome was magical. The potstickers are similar to ones I've seen in a Toronto potsticker/dumpling specialty store where they pan fry it such that the process renders a beautiful, crispy, golden brown lace of crunch that connects the postickers. As for the small plates, I remember the eggplant one being especially delicious. Price-point wise, this is definitely on the pricier end and not somewhere I would frequent. But food is amazing and I would definitely come here for a nice dinner for whatever special occasion or date. Next time, I will also make it a point to save room for the Portuguese egg tarts, which look incredible. My co-worker has been raving about how authentic and delicious the food offered at Fat Rice was, so instinctively I knew I had to go try it out for myself.  I was in the area one day with my sister, so I suggested that we grab some dinner here.  There was barely any signage, so it was a little difficult to find the restaurant during the evening.  So take a note: it is located on the corner of Diversey and Sacramento in a building shared with an apartment complex.Finally when my sister and I found the restaurant, we were greeted immediately at the door.  The place was already bustling, but we managed to snag a couple of seats at the communal table.  The waitress came by shortly to explain a couple of popular entrees as well as some of their specials.  We decided to share the fat noodles in X.O. sauce and the Portuguese chicken (po kok gai.)  The fat noodles were just mediocre at best.  The X.O. sauce didn't have the bold spiciness to it.  It kind of tasted a little watered down.  The Portuguese chicken was cooked with mussels, chorizo, olives, and cabbage in a mild coconut curry.  I didn't enjoy this one bit.  They tried to spice up this dish with ingredients that just didn't go well with each other.  This definitely is a fusion dish that went wrong.I don't understand why so many people are raving about Fat Rice and how does it attract such long lines.  They are trying to create fusion dishes, but some things should just be left alone.  Overall, Fat Rice offers small mediocre entrees at ridiculous prices.  They even charged $3.00 for a bowl of rice whereas in most Asian restaurants rice is accommodated with the entrees.  Definitely save your time and money, skip this place.  If you're in the mood for some good Asian food, make the trip to Chinatown or to Argyle. Dining here reminds me of dining in NYC.  Very small interior with high ceilings.  Hip, chic decor.  Hands down truly fabulous food.  We came here on a Saturday evening so it was busy and loud.  Since there are only a few tables we were told there would be a 45 minute wait.    To enter the waiting room you must walk out of the restaurant and down the street a few doors.  It felt very speakeasyesque.  There you entered another -even smaller- dimly lit space with a few tables where you could just sit and have a cocktail.  I did not have a cocktail but they sounded fabulous -- one in particular I will try next time: the 'salty g' which is gin, citrus cordial and salted preserved plum.  The tea selection was also nice with the inclusion of a 2010 Sicilian blood orange pu-erh.For dinner we (4 of us) shared: for appetizers - the 'bacalhau' which was a salt cod spread and french bread -- amazing!  Also, 'linguica' which is portuguese sausage - spicy and also served with bread.  The rest of our dinner included 'fat noodle', a hearty, hand rolled, dumpling like rice noodle and then the 'portuguese chicken' which had chorizo, olives, cabbage, potato with curry and lemon all served in a hot pot.  We had a couple sides of coconut rice to accompany that.  OH. WOW. LOVED. IT.  Perfect deliciousness.Service was lovely.  Definitely want to return.  A great place to bring friends from out of town who love a unique food experience.  It is pricey.  The chicken dish was $22 and not huge.  But everything was SO GOOD.   It's a sure thing.  It will be a place to return for a special night out.  I'll just come for a cocktail and an appetizer in between times. So I took the wifey here as a surprise and purposely made it slip that we were going to mott street. I knew this was a gamble as there really are only two other restaurants I could take her to after alluding to mott street and it be ok.kai zan and fat rice. It was not overly crowded - likely due to it being the night after thanksgiving. I always start a joint off with five stars and work my way down if they leave a pitcher of water as I am a voracious drinker of it. We started off with the three small plates, the tofu and mushrooms, the special pig ears and the special clam. The tofu was something I had not had since I lived in Hong Kong and was great. The other two dishes were delicious. We order three larger plates - the squash dish, the piri piri chicken and fat noodles. The fat noodles are just so darn yummy. I wish we could figure out how to make the xo sauce at home. The squash dish was good but really put us over the edge when it came to the piri piri chicken with coconut rice. Have my wife we from Singapore means that any dish served with coconut rice is to die for and this was certainly the case. We ended up ordering a portion of fat noodles to eat the next day for lunch with the piri piri chicken leftovers. The meals was delicious and the service great as well. It had been 8 months since we last dined here, and I am committed to it not being that long the next time around. The problem with affordable food and fitting all the Brunch entrees on one page is you will want to order everything. How dare they make everything seem so attainable! And then, they have the nerve to tell you about their specials, so then you go an order those too. I guess this is only a problem for people who have eyes bigger than their actual tummies. I mean, how often does that happen?The menu appears simple but it is deceiving, because the food actually is more complex than its description. I dare you to look at the pictures I took of my brunch on Saturday morning. Sitting in the patio, surrounded by newly bloomed flowers on gray picnic tables, it is a humble setting, and then the plates come out adorned with bright, colorful foods with taste and spices to match.  Some foods are quite spicy but if you are not impressed, Fat Rice has its own ghost pepper sauce to light your fire. Vegetable Lacassa, their rice noodle soup, was our table's favorite dish. The three of us adore curry and this curry broth hits our list for one of the best around, at least as far as coconut curries go. The tea egg was a nice touch, and the tofu puffs definitely are protein "fillers" since there is no actual real meat in this dish (well unless you count the tea egg). Minchi Hash - With the minced pork and beef, crunchy croutons, and a sunny side up egg, it tasted as great as it looked! Colorful presentation and full of spices. How could you go wrong with this entree?Juicy Pork Chop Bun - You are literally eating a perfectly cooked pork chop as a sandwich, bone in, so it's packed with flavor, The chinese mustard definitely added flare to the dish but the pork chop was even good on its own. It is described as being served with crab chips, but they are more reminiscent of shrimp chips (or crackers) which are puffy deep fried crackers that are salty, light, and airy all at the same time. They are addicting and delicious and I took them off of my friend's plate and dipped them in my coconut curry.Dumplings. All are good. I can say this only because we ordered every type except the chive dumpling. I guess that was our limit for dumplings and that's why we stopped at the chives. Pastel de Nata - custard tarts - rich creamy thick and flan-like. Loved this!Chinese Almond Pudding - Sour cherry, rhubarbs, coconut, basil seed, and mint. This will definitely challenge those who have texture issues, but there is a great reward in sweetness and tasteThe one thing I wish I had room for - The Hong Kong Style French Toast. This is my friend's favorite dish, who lives in Chicago, and the reason why she keeps returning. It is typically served with peanut butter and banana stuffed jam OR maple bacon, so she requested bacon on the side to have the best of both worlds. It was a daring move on her part, but they definitely have a lifelong patron now. Great brunch spot we had to wait at their waiting room about 2-3 doors down the street. Croquette and other brunch options were really good. Very casual, room is cozy so not recommended for a large group. Established in 2012. Fat Rice is owned and operated by the same folks that brought you X-marx . X-marx was an adventurous underground supper club that operated from 2007-2012. This user has arrived from Qype, a company acquired by Yelp in 2012. We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience. This user has arrived from Cityvox, a company acquired by Yelp in 2014. We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience.