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Am I the only one that thinks Big Country or Stef Struve are gonna be the ones headed to Strikeforce for Cormier's last contracted fight. I'm hedging towards Roy - dude will do anything for a bigger "show" purse - and he deserves it. Fuck it! Send Pat Barry and either way we will get a great 4 minutes of action --- just like my prom date did. lol. Is that a Wig or some sort of Kossack or Mongolian traditional steppe hat?Always good to hear from you Ben. It would be nice to see you contribute more articles to the site. Yeah, as much as I personally dislike Bones, dude's undefeated as far as anyone should be concerned. If you're only loss came via ragdolling your opponent so hard you break his collar bone, and beating him so viciously that you use his own blood to steal one of his remaining senses, causing the ref to stop the fight. you have no losses. Isn't it customary for Top 10 lists to start with 10 and work their way to no. 1? That's my only complaint, and I'm reaching. This was a good list and I enjoyed reading it. I might have had a slightly different order (and overcome premature ejaculation kaplan pdf a more revealing photo of Ronda), but I think you hit the nail on the head with all the fighters you mentioned. Yeah, see how quickly things can change. Varner will not do much more. Just exposed Barboza for being a tad bit green still.