Janeway Jamarama

Bussing for Menihek students this morning is from 11:15 or so. Report cards are available to pick up at 11:30 available. Have a safe summer!. Are the parents asked their children to all textbooks appropriate teachers back to avoid long lineups at the Office on Friday and bring their locks their homeroom teacher today remember. Well, all cabinets should be empty. missing or damaged textbooks at the gym from 10:00 to 13:00 can be paid today and am again on Friday. . If the Menihek students to raise a minimum of $1000. 00 on Friday for shave for the brave, I hear an administrator, in particular, has one of the select few agreed. Install remember the students their Toonie. Remember also young professionals to bring a non-perishable food item for the local food bank. Shave for the brave during our final meeting on Friday, will take place June 12. To support this thing, please a Toonie. Parents of junior high students Please note that there are regular classes including Tuesday, 16th janeway jamarama of June. Please your children you impress the importance of being in the school until this date. Academic math 3201 public examination evaluation night sessions have begun here on the Menihek. You are on Tuesday and Thursday evening Ms. Kelly or Mr. Hunt classroom around 19:00 instead checking according to in these sessions is also repeatedly during school hours in the coming weeks. Students who are not to receive this credit at risk should take this opportunity. The material checks during these sessions, Hunt Web site, which is accessible through the Menihek is available online under Mr. CA-Web page. . We have a number of our graduates, who are still the volunteer hours. Young professionals need to their hours and completed before the end of this school year to ensure that the graduation is achieved status. There have been several opportunities for young professionals collect hours and for those still looking, then you write by the Office. with graduation day quickly approaching, we ensure that our graduates on their academics continue to guarantee a successful academic year at Menihek focus. Please efforts further with your best friend you a very successful academic year!. Report cards go home on Wednesday, April 22 for GR 12 & for other students who sends a request. updated brands are available at this time on the parent portal. At this time, there is no scheduled parent/teacher interviews. Please every teacher do not hesitate, or in the Office to contact if you have a concern. Allergies/fragrances just a reminder to all staff and students, that a fragrance free the Menihek High school and peanut aware is building. in the last few days we have seen, too many cases of individuals carry fragrances that mischief are wreaking havoc for the individuals in our building who are allergic. We can not overstate the severity of the problem and have no choice but send people home, that violates this rule. the same applies to persons who are to bring food containing peanuts. We have people in the building who have a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, and we must ensure that they are safe while here at Menihek. so please, let us Menihek safe for all individuals. School, respectful, the products with fragrances can be worn due to the severe allergies among our employees and students are charged. Thank you very much!,.