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Want a sneak peek inside the members' area, without having to pay? Click the play button below to take a quick tour through my account to see if JamPlay is right for you:. Also, it's important to say that even if you don't think it's worth $14.95 to get unlimited access to over 1,000 HD-quality video guitar lessons for 30 days straight, you can get your money back if you just send them an email within the first 7 days. So go ahead, check it out:. You won't get as much 1-on-1 time as with a private teacher (Your questions will get answered on the forum, through direct messages or chats, or even on live video web chats with instructors, so no worries.). Information overload: Jamplay has so much content, so many tools, and so many people to talk to, that it can be overwhelming, or even distracting. However, they do have everything organized really well. and the live chat is well worth the money. The biggest plus with the online lessons is the variety and the ability to search. I consider myself an intermediate fingerstyle player and I found 3 different instructors providing of 46 individual fingerstyle lessons. Each lesson is between 15 and 45 minutes long and covers a huge variety of topics. That’s a ton of lessons and it really helped me where I needed it. But it really didn’t give me the exact help I needed. In fact, that is a problem with any prerecorded video lesson, they are generic. So, I decided to try the online live chat. I logged in and explained to the instructor what I was having problems with and zap, he knew exactly what I was doing wrong. In fact, sever other people in the chat room had the same problem and gave me their take on how to fix it. Within a few minutes I had a plan on where to go and it really worked. Jamplay is a great resource for any level of guitar player and I highly recommend it. It has online video lessons, live chart with a highly skilled instructor, forums where people actually want to help each other, and they are consistently putting out new material so it does not stagnate. I have been with them for a couple of months now and I don’t ever seeing myself going anywhere else.". . Thanks for giving my review a look and I hope it helps in your decision of choosing the right online music lesson site. Stay cool my cats ;]“. . I’m not the best student in the world, but I’ve found it easy to keep interested and to continue learning at my own pace, which is what I think it is all about. I have enjoyed the structure of the jamplay lessons and the way it is possible to dive in and out of different lessons with different instructors. I can't recommend it highly enough!“. "You’ll never feel alone on your journey to guitar euphoria" JamPlay Review By "Roy" - Intermediate Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member. "The need to learn guitar is often provoked by the craving to express oneself musically. Almost everyone that plays guitar aspires to become like their favorite guitarist. But to even come close to the likes of David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani, one must learn in a patient and friendly environment. It takes practice and dedication to be able to play that melody that is stuck in our heads. I believe that JamPlay is the best guitar teaching website on the net. This is how the majority of beginner guitarists start off: they buy their guitar, tuner, picks and tablature books. They start off with beginner lessons but often find themselves stump after months of practice and are then discouraged to continue on. Well after experiencing this kind of plateaus for myself, I decided to join JamPlay. I had already tried the free seven day membership and was instantly drawn into the site. Everything about it was user friendly, I could find that piece of information that would teach me that spicy riff, I could brush up on my scales and improvise along my favorite songs, and I could even completely learn a new musical piece! The site on its own is amazing, it’s designed to keep the beginner and experienced guitarist in mind, but what would it be without its amazing guitar instructors? Sure you could watch a whole lot of online videos and jamorama jam tracks learn from that, but JamPlay has a very interesting work ethic. After being a member for two months now, I realized that you always need interaction and a sort of mentorship to help you inch to the next level of guitar playing. This means that, you always need to have a role model from who you who leech and aspire to become like. This is exactly what JamPlay displays and it’s possible thanks to the amazing live webcam sessions it offers. You’ll never feel alone on your journey to guitar euphoria. We’ve explored the overall impression that JamPlay has marked me with, but it is for you to try it out and to keep in mind what I have transmitted. On a final note, JamPlay is hands down the best site to learn how to play the six-stringed beauty from. You won’t be sorry when you’ve signed up.“. "I've learned an amazing amount and made friends" JamPlay Review By "Sylvia" - Beginner Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member since February 2008. "My experience with guitar prior to Jamplay was basically self-instruction with song chord books, a small amount of musical knowledge, and a set of DVDs that frankly didn’t help much. I knew the basic chords and I knew how to count a time signature. Frankly I was failing miserably despite the time I was putting into guitar practice. I was certain I was doomed to be a basic open chord strummer with little skill. At age 20 out of utter frustration, I quit. I returned to guitar after some 22 years when my husband bought me a guitar for my Valentine’s present. Some of the chords came back right away. However, barre chords, the 12 bar blues, and scales eluded me. I’ve been at Jamplay since February 2008. I came to Jamplay out of frustration with my local live instructor. I needed someone who would work with my schedule. That just was not going to happen with my local instructor. And it was clear to me that I was paying $60 an hour to be inconvenienced and with 3 lessons a week I was paying $720 a month! Well, it was a NO BRAINER to pay $139.99 a year for Jamplay that would allow me to take lessons as my schedule allowed. And I can rewind my instructor as often as I would like! I’ve learned an amazing amount and have made some fast friends. I have learned more about chords and the theory behind how they are formed. I have finally learned to play the 12 bar blues with the help of some amazing blues teachers. Currently I am working on finger style and Celtic techniques. I plan to learn more about scales and lead phrasing later this year. I love how Jamplay has grown in the past two years. They are constantly adding lessons every week to keep the content fresh. Since I’ve been there they have gone from about 1200 minutes of lessons to well over 30,000 minutes of video lessons. Not only that, they have provided the member with tools to supplement the video content. Among these tools my favorites are:. Live Instructor Sessions in JamChat: Nothing better than getting to know your instructor and being able to ask questions and get a live explanation. A Discussion Forum: Jamplay has a great group of members with ages from 9 to 80 years. If you are struggling, need encouragement or just need an opinion on your latest gear acquisition. Members , instructors and staff are always willing to help on the forum. Downloadable backing tracks: I practice to these tracks and because they are downloadable I can load them to my portable music player and take them with me. Tabs for all video lessons: What can you say about tabs except they are a visual reference for the video lessons? By being printable the tabs can be practiced away from the computer. I have built a paper library of tabs that is mine to keep. If someone were to ask me about the cons of being a Jamplay member I would promptly say. “Absolutely nothing! I plan on being a member for a good long time.“. . These include a metronome, a scale library (where you can check every scale), a backing track player (to help you to improvise) and even a tuner. A final thing that's great is the fact that jamplay has its own community. You can have your own friends, including the teachers, who are great company. You won't feel so alone when you find out you're not the only one stuck on that one riff and maybe some more experienced members can give you some additional advice on top of the teachers' lessons. And if you don't feel like playing guitar one day you can always just relax in jamplay's own arcade. In conclusion i'd say that jamplay is a must for every ambitious guitar player. The teaching system works great if you can show restraint when needed. The whole site is just one big guitar paradise.“. "I could literally spend years on all these lessons." JamPlay Review By "Joshua" - Intermediate Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member. "I have been teaching myself guitar for the last three years. I used to take lessons when I first stared but I wasn’t really into the music my teacher was and I felt like I was learning to slowly so I decided to teach myself. Three years later here I am teaching myself. But there is only so much that you can learn by yourself, so I decided that I wanted to get some guitar lessons to. and other things that I haven't been teaching myself. However because of the job I have it leaves me in a position where it is almost impossible to get a teacher with the available time I have. So I did some searching not really anything that I could find that had what I wanted. So one day I went to a concert and they were handing out coupons for one free month membership to JamPlay. So the next day I signed up. And to my surprise they had everything that I wanted to learn on their site. There is a beginners section (Phase 1) with nine teachers to choose from. When your done with your lessons you got a progress bar that you use to track what you have done so there's no wondering "Where was I??". All the teachers have years of experience and all of the lessons are pretty long. I have done some that were like thirty minutes and the shortest one I have done one that was six minutes. Then after you got basics of guitar down there's phase 2 where they teach you by the type of genre you want to learn. They got all type's of musical styles to learn from; Classic Rock, Blues, Fingerstyle, Metal, Hawaiian (slack key), Bluegrass, Rock, Celtic, Classical, Country, And Jazz. Something to fit everyone's needs. And what even cooler than that is they have artists that you can learn from. Like Erik Mongrain, Emil Werstler of Daath, Kris Norris of The Kris Norris Projekt and formerly of Darkest Hour, Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders, and Randall Williams. This site has Skill! building lessons such as; Speed and Technique, Tips and Tricks, Guitar Performance, Reading Music and Rhythm, Singing and Guitar, Lead Guitar, and Song Writing. Phase 3 is learning songs from all kinds of music and band that you know. There are also all kinds of tools on the site like a metronome, a tuner, chord library, scale library, and more. It is easy to keep track with what you have been learning because there is a progress report section where you see what you have done. And there is a forum where you can discuss anything with other players and the instructors. And there is also live session where one of the instructors go live and answer you questions. At almost any hour of the day you can get on and there is a live session running. I could literally spend years on all these lessons. I almost want to quit my job and only play guitar. I love everything about this site from the set up to lessons. available 24 - 7. I would recommend this to any guitar player in any skill range because they could find something useful on this site. I have learned so much from this site and have told ! my friends about this site. The cons. Not very many the price is really reasonably compared to the price of private lessons and buying a bunch of DVD’s. I guess on of the cons is that you have a lot of information especially for a beginner because there is 9 different lesson set to choose from. It can be confusing on exactly where to start, but since I have already been playing for awhile I started in the advanced section. This really would have been helpful when I was starting out 3 years ago.“. ".play a lesson over and over again until you get it" JamPlay Review By "Barb" - Beginner Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member. "I taught myself how to play a guitar 35 years ago. I could not afford lessons and back then the only information available was books (which I still have)! I taught myself chords and played mostly by ear. 15 years ago for personal reasons within my family I stopped playing. A couple months ago I decided to play again and never stop. I got online to see what was out there. I was so excited to find Jamplay. I tried another website first and it is not near as nice as JamPlay. I started by un-teaching myself the bad habits I had taught myself by taking the beginner lessons. I learned so much just within a few days! I use my pinky now in a 4th position. I am learning so much more than I could ever imagine learning. I work at home and am able to break away a few hours a day for playing and if these instructors could only see me now from how I was when I started. HUGE difference and I can see I have a long long way to ! go. I also love the live sessions, all the instructors are knowlegable and friendly! I started with the beginner lessons with Steve, finished them and went on to studying the blues with Hawkeye Herman. I now know my C major scale and the blues scales. Currently I am learning how to identify the key's. After this I am going to hopefully learn some songs and utilize all the fundamentals I have learned. I plan on staying with JamPlay until every one of my progress bars are lit up green! I almost forgot to mention that! What a neat way they have to keep track of your personal progress. You cannot keep rewinding a real teacher, they would run out of time. With JamPlay you can play a lesson over and over again until you get it, and if you still don't get it, you can ask!“. "I was completely blown away by Jamplay" JamPlay Review By "Jill" - Intermediate Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member. "I have been playing music since I was a young child. I began with piano lessons, then played flute in the school band program and finally found my passion with guitar. I became serious about guitar 11 years ago and taught myself until three years ago. At that time I felt I had become stuck in my progress and began taking private lessons. While searching various guitar related sites on the internet I realized how many online teaching resources were available but there seemed to be quite a difference in the quality of the sites. I signed up for Guitar Tricks thinking a website such as that would just enhance and reinforce the progress I was already making with private lessons and lots of practice. I was reasonably happy with my choice until I discovered Jamplay. Funny enough, I actually found out about Jamplay through this site, and after reading the reviews decided I needed to try it out. I was completely blown away by Jamplay from the first visit to the site. The layout of the site is appealing and easy to navigate. The lessons cover an extremely wide variety of playing styles, genres and skill levels. More advanced players need not worry that there won't be enough to keep them challenged because there is plenty there for the absolute beginner all the way through to very advanced. The Jamplay staff is incredible. The site is never stagnant. Improvements and new lessons, articles, features, teaching tools, etc. are constantly being added. The administrators are active on the site and will respond to questions, weigh-in on discussions and ask for member input on new ideas or ways to continue to advance the site. The video quality is amazing and consistent. Lessons also include supplemental content such as tab, chord charts, scales, and written explanations that complement the lesson and can be printed for future reference. I can't say enough good things about the instructors on Jamplay. They are all top-notch players and teachers. One of the features Jamplay offers that I haven't seen from any other guitar site is the live question and answer sessions. You actually have access to an instructor at scheduled times to answer questions and demonstrate playing techniques. Once again you have instructors on the live Q&As that represent most genres and playing styles. The only drawback with the live Q&As in my opinion is that you get such a variety of skill levels and personalities in a chat room sometimes it can be difficult to keep on a structured learning path for the entire session. But, if you are willing to be patient and open-minded there is a lot to be gained from these sessions. Jamplay offers a complete lesson series for beginners to help them get started but moves far beyond the beginner level with genre-based, skill building and artist series lesson sets. In addition there are lessons that teach specific songs. Teaching tools include chord, scale, lick & riff libraries, online metronome an! d tuner, backing tracks and games to help with music notation, ear training and fretboard knowledge. The site also has guitar reviews and helpful articles. A review of Jamplay wouldn't be complete without talking about the online community. You can make a profile and communicate with other members through messaging, forums, chat rooms, etc. The instructors are friendly, accessible and active in the community as well. You can become involved in this feature of the website to the extent you choose. I have met some really wonderful people through the site and also learned a lot from other members. There are members from all over the world. Before I joined Jamplay I had been frustrated trying to find other adults to "jam" with. Through the community portion of the site I was finally able to find someone that lives close and we now get together and play on a regular basis. I will conclude this review by saying that I still can't believe what a value Jamplay is. The year membership is the best value but even the monthly membership fee is incredibly low considering the price of private lessons and taking into account all that Jamplay offers. Jamplay is so comprehensive it could effectively be used as your only guitar teaching method or it can be used in conjunction with other teaching methods you may opt to use. Lessons are done at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Do yourself a favor and at least check it out for a month. I wish I would have had Jamplay when I first picked up the guitar.". ".stumbled upon JamPlay. I joined. Love it." JamPlay Review By "Gerard" - Intermediate Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member. "Hi, I'm 59 years old and started playin the guitar when I was fourteen. I think my first guitar was a used Montgomery Ward electric. I never had any formal training but me and three buddys formed a group and kind of self taught each other. We learned to play Beatles, Stones, KINKS, Mitch Ryder and a lot of groups like that in the sixties. We sounded pretty good and played several gigs. I never really learned to play like I wanted to though. Later I joined a country band and played a few local bars. I played some bass with that band. One of the guys in that band was Paul Todd. He was a shell shocked WW11 vet, but he was also an old Nashville picker. He played with several big names and had pictures of himself with Hank Williams Sr. and others. This old guy could really play and he showed me some neat things to do with the guitar. Not long after that I went to the Army, came home and got married. My guitars went in the closet and collected dust. I finally sold everything because I was a young strugglin father but I never lost my desire to play Guitar and learn more about it. Once in a great while I would mention to my wife that I would sure like to get another guitar some day, but with three kids, Little League, dance lessons that dream became an afterthought. Now my kids are grown and on there own. I came home from work one night and there on my couch was a new guitar. My wife had surprised me with the most special gift I had ever received. Not an expensive guitar or anything special but it was mine. She knew nothing about guitars but she had seen seen it on tv and ordered it for me. I didn't care what brand it was because I could finally play again. It came with some instructional dvd's but they weren't doing much for me, so I started searching the internet to see what I could find about guitar lessons and stumbled upon Jamplay. I joined. Love it. They are finally teaching me how to play the way I always wanted to. The instructors are great and you learn at your own pace. They will answer questions and you learn any genre you want to try. I highly recommend it to anyone who plays guitar, novice or experienced player. There is something for everyone. I plan to stay with Jamplay and become the guitarist I always wanted to be.". "Awesome site, Awesome Community, Awesome instructors." JamPlay ReviewBy "Cody" - Beginner Guitarist. Verified JamPlay member since August 2009. "We'll first off what can I say about Jamplay that already hasn't been said. I've been a member of the site for 7 or so months now and I do not regret spending the mere 20 bucks a month. I've learned so much in my year of playing its really astounded my friends and family; and 95% is thanks to this site (and the instructor Kris). I've tried a few of the "learn guitar quick" sites I've watched all the countless youtube videos; but nothing comes close to the content on jamplay. There are HOURS upon HOURS of content on the site it may be pretty overwhelming at first; but most is partitioned into phases. The site itself has a very professional and stylized feel. This site isn't one of those big guitar instruction companies throwing out worthless lessons trying to make a quick buck. All the lessons are thoroughly thought out and well executed for people to learn the fullest from them. Well to kick if off the site starts with; Phase 1 being the basics and probably the first place you should go whether you've been playing for 2 months or 2 years, etc. You'll learn your basic scale patterns, chords, arpeggios and a little theory in phase 1. On top of that there are a wide variety of instructors alone in phase 1, there is even a lesson set specialized in teaching younger kids. Phase 2 is all about genre specific techniques. Here you'll meet Kris, Emil, and many other great instructors. Phase 3 is all about learning songs. Not much I can say about it but they are constantly trying to add more songs and beef that section up. To sum it all up the site is an awesome learning tool and not to be looked over by anyone interested in building their chops or just progressing on their instrument. Also there is a GREAT community on the site, along with the 400+ hours of instructional videos you can pull up ANY time you want there are live webcam lessons more than 12 hours a day. You can join and ask any questions you might have or just ask the instructors on their preferences of gear, etc. BUT no song requesting, the instructors are there to teach not be a human jukebox ;). My summary is it is an Awesome site, Awesome Community, Awesome instructors, and its owned and operated by some pretty awesome and chill dudes. -Cody".   0       0    Review By "craig count" - Beginner Guitaristthanks for helping me. If you have decided to take lessons online, that's awesome, but a lot of guitarists ask whether or not they should sign up to Guitar Tricks or JamPlay . Both are amazing resources with tons of content, helpful instructors, learning tools, and a ridiculous amount of video lessons, so either will be worth the money. After trying both, I chose JamPlay due to its webcam lessons with pros, better interface, and higher-quality videos.  . In the end, it all comes down to how much help you can get learning guitar, and how much it's going to cost you. While I believe it's great to have 1-on-1 time with a private guitar instructor, I personally don't like the idea of spending over $1,500/year when I can get access to more than enough support online, without having to schedule it in or drive anywhere. Another common strategy is to try to learn guitar by watching random guitar videos. Yes, it's true that this is free, unless you consider your time valuable. I tried getting by watching free videos, but to be honest: you never know who you're watching, and the majority of the time they are NOT professional teachers with well-organized guitar courses. I hope my review of JamPlay has saved you time, and maybe even money. If you've decided to sign up, don't forget to enter the coupon code 86C6CC to save 25% on your first month!:.