How To Write Songs On Guitar Rikky Rooksby

I've found myself profoundly disappointed with this book.I had high expectations based on how popular this book appears to be, but ultimately I have taken very little from it. Heck, I'd say I got more from the first chapter of Dominic Pedler's "Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles" than I did from this book. Obviously, however, since this book is very popular, I ought to address what I think the problems are.This book takes a very chord-progression approach to songwriting. But rather than help you understand how chords function and giving you a few practical examples, this book lists chords, and chord progressions, ad infinitum. You can play all the chord progressions in this book without actually learning anything about how chords or chord progressions work.Instead of teaching, how to write songs on guitar rikky rooksby this book lists. Do you really need a page full of different major sixth chord fingerings? No. You don't. What is half a page on min/maj7 chords doing in the section on basic harmony? One could teach a student how to figure out the advanced chords in half the space he uses to just list a bunch of them. The chapter on chord sequences consists of nothing but a list of chord progressions and songs that contain them - but would-be songwriters would almost certainly be better directed to some ear training resources and the tools to start to figure this out themselves. (Or you could just go online and find the chords to your favorite songs directly, if what you really want is a list of chord progressions).And the whole concept of how you harmonize a melody, which is basic songwriting 101 stuff, is almost completely absent from this book.