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Music publishers SHOULD work on a horses for courses basis – if it’s a low budget film and it sounds like a cool project, it’d be nice if they’d still come to the party. You never though. I read a book by one of the producers of Focus Films and I think she mentioned getting a Rolling Stones song (I think? coulda been someone else big, I forget) licensed for something insanely reasonable like 500 bucks, though that sounds like a once in a lifetime kinda deal. “Hey, you can use it for free, just remember us when you make it big.” is delusional, unless you’re talking some unknown artist… and even then, depends on whether they actually think your art is any good (and worth associating theirs with).I’d say more of that publishing money goes to them than from their record contract. Yes, I don’t think the music publishers that I contacted cared too much about really looking into my movies and deciding how much money they should charge or if they even wanted to associate their music with my song. Most of their applications seemed like they just wanted a quick synopsis of the project and provided some check boxes to discern if the project was big budget or low budget so they could adjust their price scale accordingly. When the only company to reply back to me, Music Sale Corporation, they did so only a few days after I sent them an informal email. I think from now on I will only use original music or music from friends for my movies. It is cheaper that way in the long run and allow for even more control over the overall feeling of the movie I am making. Why should I settle for a widely recognized song that was written for something different all together. I wrote an article about this earlier here . The one thing I will say is that I haven’t downloaded music illegally in almost 2 years! So I do respect the artists and of course, the music publishing companies to an extent. Everyone should get paid! YES!!!!!!!!. You do understand that should you have managed to contact Earth Wind & Fire about using their song in your film, they would still be required to direct you to: Music Sales Corporation/G. Schirmer, Inc. – because they own a portion of the publishing rights. That 1,500 actually sounds like a pretty darn good deal. I would have expected the publishing rights to be much more considering it’s a popular song. Best of luck…. You forget, it would have cost $1,500 from one publishing company. I would have needed to pay another publishing company for the other 2/3′s of the song rights. So total that out and it’s $3,000-$4500 to use the song just for one year and only for film festivals. I could make 10 movies with that budget. So I don’t care for it. Hi Parker,Thanks for the resource. I think people could use your services. If I ever write an article about original compositions for movies again, I’ll try to mention you. Jimmy. Interesting. I’m trying to sell a teen comedy set in the 1970′s. I need 27 rock songs from that era – 10 definitely – the rest I can substitute or live without. I’d love to pay $4,500 per song but from what I see on these sites it going to be a struggle. Still I’ll do what I can. This is my first film and if I can’t sell it to Hollywood, I’m going to try the Indie circuit and do it myself. I just don’t want to have to use that cheesy psuedo-rock music we’ve heard in so many teen movies. My friend’s old garage band was better than that c***. There are some scenes in mine that need certain songs to help tell the story or set the vibe. Wish me luck!. Hey Meritcoba,These are such great suggestions. Thanks for sharing. I’ll check out some of the CC-mixter websites. Have you been able to use some of the mixes in any movies?. Derek,The song that you created, “Good Girls Rule,” sounds really great. Keep up the good how to write songs good work. I’ve been out of the low-budget movie-making business for the last year, trying to start a small farm, but the movie-making bug has bit me again. I’ll keep you in mind for music if I ever get done writing a script for a Western. You could probably license a good remake of “That’s the Way of the World” for much less. That is what the producers did with all the Beatles songs in the 2001 “I am Sam” movie. I have just made a few songs for friends films and have a big catalog of music.I can also make songs based on your theme for around $ 1000.Feel free to email me your project and I will send through musicDominic. The reason I want buy rights to published musical works is the known audienceempoitioan response to the music. For a home made you toue projecthat willbeseen by 50 people $1500 seems sop far from a 1980s mix tape. Thanks for every other informative website. The place elsecould I get that type of info written in such a perfect means?I have a venture that I’m just now operating on,and I have been on the look outfor such information. I am new to film writing but have several music suggestions. Does anyone know what it would cost for top classic hits, Broadway Songs etc. for a full length movie, some just background, others songs played in their entirety. Thank-you. Robert. I have a huge catalog of dance music hits, if anyone want to license any of my music under my label, feel free to contact me, i have one price for the license no years attached to the agreement,thanks for listening. 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