How To Test Shock

Shock absorbers are installed on your car's suspension to dampen shock and stabilize the ride when going over bumps or rough roads. Most cars have a shock absorber for each wheel. how to test shock Although shock absorbers, or shocks, don't support the weight of the vehicle, they control the oscillation of the suspension over rough surfaces, keeping the tires in full contact with the road at all times. Over time, shock absorbers wear out and need replacement.The MGB is a compact British sports car that was first built in 1962 and last offered in 1980. It is now considered a collector's item. Most MGB models rely on hydraulic lever arm shock absorbers to cushion the suspension and provide control when the car hits a bump or depression in the road. Replacement hydraulic shock absorbers are still available from specialty firms that service MGB collectors. However, refilling your existing shocks with oil is often enough to restore their performance.