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I always had very thick curly hair. Around the age of 30 I started noticing my hair clogging the shower drain from time to time. However since I still had so much hair, it wasn’t high on my personal list of worst  hypothyroidism symptoms .Then all of a sudden one close look in the mirror last year at age 43 changed all that.As I was brushing my hair something caught my eye in the mirror.Wait…is that my scalp showing through?A closer look.My hair was noticeably thinner on both sides of my head above my ears, front, and at the temples.My gut reaction was a scream, then tears.What happened to my hair?Then anger. Every part of the body requires thyroid hormone for proper functioning, and that includes the hair follicles. In 2008, the  Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism presented the first evidence that human hair follicles are direct targets of thyroid hormones. This research demonstrated that the thyroid hormones T4 and T3 modulate multiple hair biology parameters from cycling to pigmentation.You’ll notice that I bolded the words thyroid hormones T4 and T3. Why is this so important for those of us with hair loss?In mainstream medicine, Levothyroxine drugs are the gold standard for the treatment of hypothyroidism. While these drugs work for some people, they fail for others. Levothyroxine drugs contain T4 thyroid hormone only. Our bodies are supposed to convert that T4 thyroid hormone to the active T3 hormone our cells need. For some of us our bodies don’t convert T4 to T3 properly, leaving us symptomatic. This is why many of us do better on a combination of T4 and T3 thyroid hormone replacement treatment.The noticeable hair loss was a red flag for me that I needed to get to my doctor for thyroid testing. I’m on the natural desiccated thyroid Nature-throid plus a compounded time-release T3. My doctor did comprehensive testing including the essential thyroid tests TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies. Turned out my Free T3 was middle of the range. I personally feel terrible when my Free T3 is low or even middle of the range.  Optimal Free T3 for my body is when it reaches top quarter of the normal range, so adjusting my thyroid medication dosage was an essential piece to my thyroid hair loss. What is optimal is individual and it’s about finding what’s right for you.There are many different thyroid medication options . Finding a doctor open the treatment options to find what is right for you is key. Sadly not all doctors are open to the options and it can be a very frustrating journey. I’ve put together resources to help readers locate great thyroid doctors across the globe. Given that comprehensive testing has been important in saving my hair I will include links in this article to lab testing you can order on your own in case your doctor is not open to them.If your doctor refuses to do full thyroid testing, you also have the option to order your own thyroid lab tests. A trusted brand where you can order lab tests yourself is True Health Labs. Here is a thyroid panel plus Reverse T3 for U.S. residents and here is thyroid lab testing plus Reverse T3 for those in Europe. Since comprehensive lab testing was key to saving my hair I will include links in this article to lab testing that you can order yourself. Use coupon code Limited_5 for 5% off an order.While optimal thyroid treatment was an essential piece of the puzzle, there were additional pieces critical to my hair loss solution. Low ferritin (the stored form of iron) is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women. Given low ferritin is also a common problem for hypothyroid people, it is important to have iron testing including ferritin especially if you are experiencing hair loss. It is not enough to be told by your doctor that your iron levels are ‘normal’. Ferritin levels are not always tested. Get a copy of your lab results and be sure ferritin has been specifically tested. Even if ferritin is within the ‘normal’ range that doesn’t make it ‘optimal’.Dr. Philip Kingsley is called the ‘Hair Guru’ by the New York Times. Why Is Ferritin Important? appears on his website:Correct ferritin levels maximize your hair’s “anagen” or “growing” phase and encourage your hairs to grow to their full length. When you aren’t getting enough iron through your diet, your body takes ferritin stored in non-essential tissue, like your hair bulb, and gives it to essential tissue, such as your heart. Because your hair bulb is where all your hair cells are produced, this leeching of ferritin can cause your hair to shed before it reaches its maximum length.The average reference ranges for ferritin are 14-170 micrograms per litre, but our research shows that ferritin should be at least 80 ug/L (micrograms per litre) in women for hair follicles to function at their best.Treating low ferritin was another major piece of my hair loss solution. It’s not surprising to me at all that I had low ferritin given the decades I spent with irregular heavy menstrual cycles (which is another symptom of hypothyroidism by the way) and my doctors all those years never tested to see if I was low.I tried various iron supplements and many of them gave me digestive issues including constipation. With a life-long history of constipation , that was the last thing I needed. I have personally found that iron in the form of liver concentrate such as the brand  Carlson Labs Buffalo Liver  works well for my body. My doctor regularly tests my ferritin to be sure I am taking the right dosage of iron supplements for my body and that I’m not taking too much because over-dosing on iron can be dangerous.I’m careful to take iron supplements including multivitamins with iron at least 3 hours apart from my thyroid medication to ensure the iron doesn’t interfere with the absorption of my thyroid medication.True Health Labs offers an anemia panel that includes ferritin for U.S. residents and anemia testing for those in Europe. I read a fascinating interview with Dr. Jonathan Wright by Suzanne Somers Honey, I Shrunk My Ponytail!  Turns out this article would change the fate of my hair.DR. WRIGHT: If stomach acid is low, protein isn’t efficiently digested – and hair and nails are made up of… protein! If we are deficient in protein, our bodies know that we can live without hair or nail proteins, but we can’t survive without heart muscle proteins or other important body proteins. So if we are short in supply of protein, the hair or nails are the first to go.Turns out low stomach acid results in malabsorption of iron (which as you know is necessary for maintaining our hair) and many other essential nutrients. Thanks to this article I discovered my own issues with low stomach acid and now take this Betaine Hydrochloric Acid with Pepsin  just before heavy meals containing protein. This has also helped me personally with heartburn, gas, acid reflux, and bloating.There are two additional ways that I increase my low stomach acid.  Every morning before breakfast I drink warm water and lemon. Before the larger meals of the day I take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water. I use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar . This raw organic apple cider vinegar contains the ‘mother’ of the vinegar. The ‘mother’ is made up of beneficial living nutrients and bacteria. Nutrient deficiencies are a common issue for those of us with hypothyroidism. Not only are nutrients essential for thyroid function, but they also play an important role in keeping the hair on our heads from falling. A good quality multi-vitamin is important and of course a healthy diet is essential, but still nutrient testing is important because many like me will require additional supplementation to bring us to optimal. Testing should include iodine ,  zinc , vitamin D , B12 , and magnesium (for each nutrient listed I attached an article that explains its connection to hair loss).Nutrient deficiencies are an issue for me personally. I supplement every day to maintain my nutrients at optimum. When I noticed a worsening of my hair loss last year, nutrient testing revealed that I was deficient in all those nutrients necessary for hair health. Author of the book Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause  Dr. Izabella Wentz wrote the following information in her article Hashimoto’s And Getting Your Hair Back… Balance your blood sugar! Blood sugar swings brought on by eating too many carbohydrates and not enough quality proteins and fats can wreak havoc on your health and hair! Blood sugar swings encourage the conversion of T4 to reverse T3. Reverse T3 is a inactive hormone that blocks the body’s utilization of T3, resulting in increased hair shedding.In an interview with Dr. Datis Kharrazian Gluten: Why hypothyroidism patients often fail to get better he said,There’s just no question that many people that have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism have gluten sensitivity. For some patients, it’s life-changing when they go gluten-free.I find these two sources very interesting because I’ve been on a gluten-free journey now for 1 year and I’ve been working on stabilizing my blood sugar levels. I was a white flour and sugar addict and I remember too well the swings up and down and crashes in my blood sugar throughout the day. Since going gluten-free I’ve been more mindful of my blood sugar levels and I don’t experience the sharp crashes in energy that I used to. I have to be honest and tell you that I find it hard to go 100% gluten-free but when I do I feel better and it motivates me to continue. What I’ve noticed is that when I do cheat and eat a heavy gluten meal my hair comes out in handfuls. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. The body relies on the adrenal glands located on top of each kidney to manage stressful situations. Given our busy stressful lives it’s not surprising that many of us suffer from issues of adrenal dysfunction.How would you know if you have adrenal fatigue?Check out these symptoms…fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, weight gain, joint inflammation, gastrointestinal issues (constipation or diarrhea), tendonitis, bursitis, low libido, fibromyalgia, irritability, anger, fidgety, nervous, addictions, obsessive, frequent urination, heart disease, blood pressure problems, light-headedness, and dizziness upon rising from a bed or chairDon’t many of these symptoms sound a lot like the symptoms of hypothyroidism ? Hmmm…I’ve read that many hypothyroid people also have adrenal fatigue (whether they realize it or not). From this very list of symptom that’s not surprising really.At that time when my hair loss noticeably worsened, I was going through an extremely stressful time in my life. At that very same time my menstrual cycles dramatically changed and my progesterone levels plummeted. The thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones are all so intricately connected, and my experience showed that loud and clear.The problem is that the adrenals are often NOT tested. In fact adrenal fatigue is not even a recognized diagnosis in mainstream medicine yet the problem is a serious issue for thyroid patients.An essential part of my hair loss solution was the testing and treatment of my adrenal fatigue. I’m fortunate to have an open-minded doctor who understands the importance of the adrenals in thyroid health.I took a saliva test (where I took samples of my saliva at 4 different times over the course of one day) that tested my cortisol. Cortisol production varies throughout the day with levels normally highest in the morning and lowest in the evening before bed (did you know that too high cortisol at night can be a cause of insomnia !). The advantage of saliva testing is that it takes cortisol levels at different times of the day and lets you know how your cortisol levels vary during the day.If your doctor doesn’t do saliva testing to test adrenal function, you can order your own testing. Here is saliva adrenal testing for U.S. residents and here is an adrenal panel for those in Europe.My results showed that my cortisol levels were below normal throughout the day. I was obviously struggling with adrenal fatigue and I’m so fortunate to have discovered this.There are different ways to treat adrenal issues and what’s right for a person is individual too. I personally do well on adaptogenic herbs including Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, and Schisandra. I take adaptogenic herbs in this supplement Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health .Dr. James Wilson wrote an incredible book called Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome  where he outlines the treatment options for adrenal fatigue (that have helped my hair too!).Last year when I was losing so much hair I was under too much stress.I’m not always good at being good to myself.I put other people’s needs before my own and let myself fall to the bottom way too often.I take on far more than I should because I feel guilty to say NO.NOI’m not sure why that word is so hard for me to say.I try to be everything to everyone, but me.The particularly stressful events in my life at that time along with an unhealthy way of putting myself last wreaked havoc on my hair. I knew at that moment that I had to take better care of myself otherwise I would lose all my hair.While all the testing, treatments, and supplements mentioned in this article were essential in stopping my hair loss, there was an even bigger thing that saved my hair above all else. Thanks so much for this article. I’ve had tremendous hair loss over the last 3 months and it’s distressing to say the least. Have had some of these tests done and levels appear fine but I am going to check out the rest and also talk to my doctor again. I stopped a drastic period of hairloss by eliminating soy from my diet. Soybeans take a lot of minerals to digest, especially when they are not fermented. At the time when I had patches of hair falling out, I was using soy a lot in my (then) vegetarian diet. It was an amazingly easy fix, thanks to a timely google search. Every time I ate something with soy in it or took a supplement with soy, my lips and tongue swelled and I got (not rash) but actual sore and inflamed lips. The allergist I went to said I was not allergic to soy. Why do they put soy in everything now? It sounds like all of this would cost a fortune which I don’t have. My personal experience is that Soy really helps improve my skin a lot, and i dont have hair loss issue when i am drinking soy milk at least 4 glasses a week over the past 10 days. I guess everyone’s situation is different eg. the nutrition intake etc. be careful. most farmed animals are fed gmo soy so you would still be getting soy in your body. I highly recommend a soy free vegan diet for thyroid health. Thank you so much for putting all this in one place. I am about to get some tests run at my own cost at a free standing lab because my hair has begun to shed at an alarming rate. I am perimenopausal, but doc wouldn’t send me to endo or diagnose hypothyroid at last physical because my levels were clinically normal. I believe I will have to fight to get the doctors in my medical system to pursue this to a solution. (Obviously, I have more symptoms than hair loss.) Thank you for this article where I can see all at once which tests will me most useful to me to get at this time. Brain fog makes it hard for me to stay organized!. I has severe brain fog and went grain free. It cleared up 95%! I don’t have to ask people to repeat what they said, I can focus, and pay attention to my world around me. So many other symptoms disappeared as well. I love your article…I have been struggling for over a year. And after my research I found these main culprits and you have put it so beautifully and simply. I wish people benefit from your work and not re-invent the wheel. I too am suffering from hair loss. It started as soon as my Peri-menopausal symptoms began. I have been on Levothyroxine for at least a decade. However my insurance will not pay for any extensive blood testing on my thyroid because the initial testing appears “normal” I simply cannot afford to pay for the blood work out of my own pocket. The kinds of tests recommended here would run into thousands of dollars combined. Maybe I will just try some of these recommended supplements. *sigh*. I finally went to a doctor of natural medicine. The 2 things that helped me the most were: He put me on a natural thyroid hormone called Armour Thyroid (a little more expensive but not much). I have it prescribed as a 90 day supply & get it at Walmart which helps considerably with the cost (about $15/month now). The other thing is called Thyrocsin made by Thorne Research. I get this on Amazon (I have a Prime membership so get free shipping). It’s for thyroid and adrenal support. He has me on 2 per day instead of the 4 that is suggested on the bottle. I think that’s because I’m on the natural hormone. My MD has my blood tested 2 times a year because of this instead of 1. I would think you could ask your MD to put you on this to give it a try, and your insurance company wouldn’t give you any trouble. I haven’t had hair loss issues, but this may help you, and it definitely helped with my energy issues. I hope this helps. God bless!. I requested and tried Armour Thyroid at the outset but I had a weird allergic reaction to it even though I have always eaten pork. When you have a chance could you find out what the other options are for natural thyroid if someone has an allergic reaction to the Armour? I can’t get my endocrinologist to do anything and the naturopath I saw said he could fix me, for $3800. :/. Just an FYI, I went to my endocrinologist to inquire about the T4 to T3 conversion and if perhaps that could be effecting my *still* hypothyroid symptoms (I have hashimotos, diagnosed an on levothyroxine for over a decade, now 37). I read a paper recently in Nature reviews Endocrinology about how Doctor’s once treated with desiccated porcine thyroid and how levo- isn’t as efficient as people had hoped (for all). She was attentive to my concerns, but warned my that the ‘natural’ thyroid replacements can be up to 25% off the labeled dosage. There is a liothyronine (T3) available, and my Doctor highly recommended. You can also have desiccated thyroid pills such as Armour compounded for you at your local Compounding Pharmacy. They make the prescription specifically for you. You can also request hypo allergenic “fillers” by used instead of the conventional ones. This enables the person/doctor to play with the doses until you find the right combo for you. Sometimes, as we all know, this is not such an easy task!Also…. have any of you had allergic scalp reactions to hair color? Also ~ does it seem to any of you that in addition to losing your hair, the color is also losing pigment and becoming a flat/lifeless color.I am so grateful for this web site!. I started taking Armour a year ago after being on levothyroxine for 15 years or more. I lost half my hair on Armour. I am taking every supplement there is and seeing doctors for the hair loss. In the last 3 months I don’t see one single new hair coming in. Don’t ever change thryoid meds if your not losing hair. There was no good reason to change my meds except my naturopath thought it would be a “good idea”. Its is not broke, DON’T FIX IT!!!. I started taking Armour a year ago after being on levothyroxine for 15 years or more. I have been on natural hormone replacement therapy for 4 years. I lost half my hair on Armour the last year. I am taking every supplement there is and seeing doctors for the hair loss. In the last 3 months I don’t see one single new hair coming in. Don’t ever change thryoid meds if your not losing hair. There was no good reason to change my meds except my naturopath thought it would be a “good idea”. Its is not broke, DON’T FIX IT!!!. Doctors and medical professionals get a dollar stipend cut back from the pharmaceutical companies that they prescribe from and refer patients to use. Vera, my husband doesn’t have insurance. our fibro Dr. gave me a link so he could get some blood tests down she needed for him. I don’t have any medical background, so I have to ask her if I have the correct one sometimes. It is cheaper than most labs. Hope this may help. My tongue swells up too and I didn’t know it may be due to soy which is even in my cherished mayonnaise now. I’m not alone. I was heartbroken over my mayo and soy. Sadly, soy is a known thyroid suppressor and allergen. I miss it. Alas, but there is great mayonnaise out there that is soy-free. I go to Sprouts or Whole Foods to purchase; or, you can make your own using pasteurized eggs!. If you live in a city that has a state college that has a medical program, Google if they do clinical trials. I live in California near UCLA and they offer tests/scans and payment for volunteers that qualify for their studies. I think FT3 being over range is the reason my hair has started shedding again and nails are splitting again. Reduced dose 6 weeks ago and hope it will all calm down again. I’ve noticed skin/nails/hair take 2/3 months to improve/deteriorate when thyroid meds aren’t right. This article is very helpful. I have been stuggling with hair loss for over ten years. I have seen two dermatologists, endocrinologists, ent, family md. The only advice I got was to use Rogaine from the Derms. I have used it intermittenly, with some improvement, but still obvious thinning over top and crown. It’s a daily, futile struggle to attempt to cover scalp. I have been mildly anemic for years. Current ferritin 7 and iron 11. I feel this and my hypothyroidism, post-thyroidectomy are to blame. I’m only on levothyroxine so checking t3. I am taking biotin, mvi, fish oil, iron, vit d now and am hopeful as I do have baby hairs coming in. I am trying to do a multipronged approach this time for I am tired of looking so bald. Your iron and ferritin levels are more than mild anemia. Always take it with something like orange juice or vit c to absorb much better, away from caffeine. You might try, in addition to what you’re doing now, to take a really good multiple vitamin with minerals such as My Favorite Vitamin by Natrol, True Balance by Now brand, and Maxi Hair Plus by Country Life. I take 2 Maxi, and 1 of each of the others as a daily multiple. the iron is extremely important to keep your hair, Ferro Sequels is a decent one. Hi Erica, The ten things I list here have helped the amount of hair falling decrease dramatically as well as bring new hair growth in particular in my balding areas at the temples where the new hair growth is very obvious. As an example, every day when I took the shower it got to the point where my hair would clog the shower drain every day. Now yes the hair falls but now it’s dramatically less and in the shower the change is most obvious because my shower drain isn’t clogging every day anymore. My hair has been falling out off and on for what I believe is over a year. I do have hypothyroid which I just found out has been undermedicated (Naturethroid). My Naturopath has increased that. In addition, my DHT levels while in the normal range are high. I am taking a supplement for that now. How long did it take for you hair shedding to slow down? I am obsessed count the hairs, dread the shower, dread the morning because of it and am just basically driving myself crazy. I feel your pain. I have been on Armour for two months now because Levo, synthroid and tinyosend kept me in a stage of dysfunction. My hair is now falling out and from this article I feel it’s due to all of the 10 things but mostly stress and gluten. I like the Armour. Im Post thyroidectomy and I feel great except for the hair loss. Hi DanaI had my labs done and tsh is 0.477 and my T4 is 0.91 but my T3 is 5.08 my dr. said t3 is to high i went to lab corp. for my testing i am on nature thyoid but my dr. is going compound my thyroid med so it will slowly release during day do you know anything about this. please help it will cost me 40.00 a month for this new med. Hi Dana Update on labs I had my labs done and tsh is 0.477 and my T4 is 0.91 but my T3 is 5.08 my dr. said t3 is to high i went to lab corp. for my testing i am on nature thyoid but my dr. is going compound my thyroid med so it will slowly release during day do you know anything about this. please help it will cost me 40.00 a month for this new med. My wife had hypothyroidism. One of the symptoms was hair loss. As soon as she started taking Synthroid her hair stopped falling … until 6 months ago when everything went back to how it was before the pill. After alot of research we realized that her thyroid started working again. Not too long ago she stopped taking the pill and now her hair is not falling as much. This thyroid rollercoster is killing us. What you posted here is very helpful for us. Thank you for sharing. In my experience with hair loss, even after dealing with anemia, hypothyroidism (and finally getting on a T3-only med), taking a high-dose Biotin supplement (which is making my hair grow long for the first time in my life–if only I discovered it before I was 50), and taking every possible vitamin and mineral for hair, one of my daughters told me about the biggest culprit in my shampoo…and it’s just about everywhere! It’s not just in shampoos, but soaps, body washes, toothpastes, and even some muscle relaxant products, especially those containing Methocarbamol. It’s called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Avoid it like the plague! Also avoid it’s close cousin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Read labels to avoid these ingredients. What are they? Foaming agents that overstrip the hair follicles of natural oils. Among the muscle relaxant products are Tylenol Muscle Pain and Tylenol Body Pain Night. After eliminating these sulfates from everything, I suffered the worst episode of hair loss while taking cheap generic muscle relaxants from Costco containing SLS for months for my fibromyalgia without realizing that they contained SLS. After I discovered the problem, within three days of discontinuing them, my hair loss slowed to a normal level (i.e. what would be normal for a healthy person to lose on a daily basis). Hi Dana! Thank you so much for this fascinating article! I have bombarded both my endo and GP to run a plethora of tests:) I have a question though: I have been on Levothyroxine since 2/14 and feel okay most of the time but my hair continues to thin and isn’t growning back:( I just had my free T3 and T4 tested and realize my free T3 is on the low side, 2.7 (range 2.4-4.2). I continue to read that it is optimal to have this # in the upper quarter of the range…? So, I asked my endo to supplement a T3 and she wants me to try the name brand Synthroid to see if I feel better first; I find this just plain stupid! So, I just requested to dry NatureThroid (she is open to this but claims the ingredients can sometimes differ between batches. Is this true or is she BS-ing me?). I’m reading that NDT is better for optimal well-being to include conception and pregnancy; we are trying for baby #2. Your thoughts on this would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks for this website!!!!. You know, years ago the pharma reps had started this incorrect rumor that the levels in natural thyroid meds were not consistent. They had suggested this to doctors who are now repeating the rumor. There has never been any study to confirm their rumor, in fact there have been random testing which have proven otherwise. I have been told by multiple pharmacists because the dosage of thyroid medications is so small there can be a slight difference between brands which is uncontrollable. I had to switch pharmacy’s to one that could supply me with the same brand each month. My hair loss has stopped since after months of trying to figure out why it stated again only to find out the pharmacy I was using started giving me different brands each month. would you mind sharing what the name of the t3 med is and how you were able to get your doctor to prescribe it? Thank you. To Bri O’Brien: I have 4 autoimmune disorders – one is RSD (I call it fibromyalgia on steroids). I have discovered that using iodine reduces pain AND it is now my belief that patients (like us) need a systemic enzyme – go read David Getoff’s material online. I am getting tremendous help with systemic enzymes as well as a host of other supplements, but the recent addition of the enzymes really did the trick. Ok so through results of a nuc med uptake scan and blood work my results show….24 hr uptake at 10.4% (normal is 35%) (hypo)TSH 0.12 (hyper)RT3 conversion 12.4 (normal 23-24) (hypo) overdrive…Drs. report…I poisoned and ruined my own thyroid by taking an over the counter iodine supplement and feeling better when I took it was just in my head and that drug addicts feel better when their on drugs as well. So nice right? I love how to stop hair loss nhs great bedside mannered doctors. So I will take a moment to laugh real hard here…for laughter is good medicine plus it will keep me from crying! LOL!!!!!!!!!. Hi Dawn, We’re all different in terms of what is right for our body. I personally had a bad reaction to Iodoral supplements and wish that I had started at a much lower dose to start and increased gradually. My doctor warned me that some of her patients didn’t do well on iodine supplements and recommended that I watch my symptoms and have my thyroid levels retested several weeks after starting. I also took selenium for several months prior to the iodine to be sure I wasn’t selenium deficient. Again we’re all different. What you can do as a starting point is have your iodine level tested to see if you are deficient. Hi Dawn…like Dana explained and as I would say everyone is different. I am finding out how amazingly complicated the little thyroid gland is.I feel soooo much better when I am on iodine 25-38 MG BUT and that’s a big fat BUT doctors with a s .meaning several…tell me it is bad, poison, destroying etc.nice words like that. But I just got my reports from my cardio doctor that clearly shows my heart on iodine is fine, perfectly fine then without, as I was hooked up to a monitor…my heart looks as bad and irregular as I feel. And I know this article is on hair loose and BTW I will be bald if I don’t get some replacement treatment here real quick.You do have to be careful thou supplement can make you feel better in one area and cause another problem somewhere else. …think of it as Ibuprofen…it can help a headache but too much and now you have a hole in your stomach…:)Ps…selenium and adrenal sups did nothing for me actually made me worse I had to stop then asap. IDK…it is frustrating, depressing.I need to lay down…LOL!!!. Thank you so much for such a detailed, comprehensive article. I shared it with my mom today and can’t wait to soak in the details once I get back home to my laptop. Many years ago a naturopath type person told me I was had adrenal fatigue. I didn’t understand what it was and I didn’t have money for the supplements at the time. a lot has happened since then and I could almost be writing this article myself, but the worst of my symptoms, that I have not been able to fix with anything, is the dense brain fog and short term memory loss. I’m currently cutting out all sugar sticking with something like the Paleo diet. The only thing I haven’t tried here were the adrenal supplement you recommended, which I ordered and look forward to getting them. I just wonder if you could think back to work through your progress when you added the adrenal supplement, how much of a percentage do you think that helped? And did you suffer from much brain fog? Thank you!. I’ve read that if you put iodine 2 percent on the patch of your skin your body will absorb what it needs and leave the rest. I had a goiter about twenty one years ago and to this day with all my other thyroid problems now having radioactive iodine done, no one ever once suggested to test my iodine levels. I begged the endocrinologist to do it and she said she would not and my PCP would not. I still don’t know where this stands. I would be afraid to take iodine orally but I don’t think it would hurt if you put it on in patches just to see what happens. The iodine that you should use would be the colored iodine to see the rate of absorption. When I put it on the color it’s gone in about 15 minutes. That would suggest to some that the body is very low. Dana, a great article with lots of help. I lost my eyebrows and I can not tell you how upsetting this is. The body hair I can live without (I lost that too) the hairline that receded, I can cover with my bangs as I always had thick hair but losing my eyebrows just looks horrible. Either I use a pencil and paint them on and God help me if the rain gets to me or sweat….or some use tattoos for their eyebrows but the toxic load from that would probably kill me as the ink for the tattoo eyebrows must also be toxic…so any ideas how to get the eyebrows to grow back? Thanks. Hi Shawn, Good to hear from you. It’s interesting you ask about the eyebrows because I had the classic hypothyroidism symptom of thinning of the outer third of my eyebrows. These 10 things that helped the hair on my head has also had the effect of growing back my eyebrows. I have my eyebrows shaped and the woman who does them has been noticing over the last several months that I have new hair in my eyebrows that I never had before. Now with this has also come more hair in unwanted places that’s resulted in extra need for shaving and waxing. However I happily do the extra shaving to have more hair on my head and my eyebrows. Yes, so would I, no problem! Ok, Dana, Thanks. I will scour the list and make sure my own levels are optimum. Will be getting some new test results back this week coming up…and take it from there. So happy for you, too! Shawn. Hi Shawn — how are your eyebrows coming along? I also have a big problem with my brows. I noticed that they were thinning out about 2 years (I’m on 120 m of Tirosint) and my hair was also falling out… now with biotin and whole food supplements my hair has stopped falling out. About 6 months ago I got off BC and I thought maybe that is what my brows get to their worst point, then they started to grow back in, or so I thought. I have had thick, nice brows my whole life and guess what? Again this month they are breaking off and falling out — and I keep my hands off them as much as possible. Not just the outer third, but all over. My endo is usually great but he has not info for me about this problem. I’ve been using gentle eyebrow gels, etc., to try and lightly fill them in because they’ll just fall right out if I try and use even the nicest of soft pencils. It is really bringing me down. I wake up with tiny hairs on my pillows, and my bangs can only cover so much. I was wondering if you had gotten yours to come back in, and what you were doing. And, to make matters worse, I apparently have what are flat warts coming in on my left cheek. I feel like a troll — I know warts are viral and I probably got the outbreak just before the 2014 holidays as I was under a ton of stress, but nothing is getting rid of them — I’ve tried tea tree oil multiple times a day for more than 2 months, I’ve tried bananas, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. (I can’t wear ducktape on my face all day, and either way I am allergic to most adhesives.) Even natural remedies seem to make them worse, I’m pretty sure they are spreading. I’m trying to boost my immune system to fight them off and hopefully it’ll help elsewhere too, but I can’t seem to get there. It has caused a lot of tears and self consciousness. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!. Hi Taylor,Those tiny flat warts on your face sound like molluscum. My son had it on his face and two different doctors couldn’t diagnose it. So I took matters into my own hands and found ZymaDerm on Amazon and it cleared it all up in a week! It was the best $30 I spent! I recommend you try it. Good luck!!!!!!!. Omg ” help I have no eyebrows or eyelashes , hair not falling out yet , but now I’m scared very scared I feel funny with no eyebrows I’m already im stressed cause I put on abot20 lbs I don’t no what to do can anyone help give me ideas. The is a product called RevitaLash, for eye lashes, and RevitaBrow for the eye brows… These work amazing. We sell this in our salon and I use both with amazing results. Look up the website for them and find a local salon that sells it. They don’t recommend buying this from Amazon or ebay apparently the are knock offs from China being sold by both sites. I have found that LiLash which I found on line is making my eyelashes grow like crazy. I never had such long lashes. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about a year and a half ago have been on three medications so far all made me feel achy and just plain terrible . I even was on armor for 6 months but I noticed one day my hair was coming out in my hands when I washed it. My doctor took me off all meds and told me to wait a few months now he has given me a prescription for synthroid ( not the generic) and I am afraid to take if for fear of losing bunches of hair again. My numbers are borderline but the Doctor insists I will feel better with some thyroid meds. Hi Jane-was wondering what ever happened? Did u end up taking the Synthroid? What happened with your hair loss? I am curious because although I do not have hashimotos, my t3 & t4 are low and tsh very high so my doc wants me on Synthroid, 50 mcg, 5 times a week, and I have previously lost all of my eyelashes, and experienced hair thinning-also hope you are feeling better!!! Thanks so much-ann. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with the hair loss. This is destroying my life, my relationships…just killing me. Diane, you need to try shaklee. Im serious. People assume all problems are cured by modern medicine. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said let food be thy medicine. This company is working wonders and even reversing cancer. Please email me and i will give you details about who to talk about supplements. If nothing else is working, why not give something completely different a shot? There is no risk. If it ddoesn’t work for you, you can request a full refund. Please try it. Email me and i will get you in touch with their lead nutritionist. [email protected]. Dana,My iron levels are a tad low. 69 is my Ferratin level. I’m going for optimal though. I want to know more about the Carslon Buffalo Liver that you take. Do you take 6 pills per day? I am already taking so many supplements at this point but I am willing to do it if it will help with my hair and my health. Hi Dawn, My ferritin level was at 16 so yes much lower than yours. So I took the pills as recommended on the label 6 a day that I separated out over the day. If I didn’t have digestive issues including constipation when I took normal iron supplements, I would have taken those instead. Given your Ferritin is close to the 80 that is written about for hair loss, you probably wouldn’t need the 6 a day. Speak with your doctor about the iron supplements and let them know how 80 is the recommended level for hair loss and what amount you should take. Be sure that you have your ferritin tested again after some time on any iron supplement because you also don’t want to take too much iron. I have major digestive issues at well. That is why your article really spoke to me. I’ll start out with half the dose (so 3) and see what my blood results show in 4 weeks. The hard part with all of the supplements is figuring out how long each thing takes to stabilize in your blood. I appreciate this iron building suggestion too, I’m going to try it, it’s been taking me a very long time to raise my levels due to the backwards nature that I go with my cycle. Although, they are very slowly rising, my ferritin is still super low, it might be in the early teen digits. How long did it take before you were able to raise your level is using this and did you use something else before and found this more effective? Thank you. I’m very interested in getting my ferritin levels up to that optimal number. Right now it is just past the 10 mark and somewhere in the teens probably at this point. What I want to say while others are reading this is that while my ferritin is still low and I’m working desperately on it, the other vitamins I have mentioned in another comment and taking them regularly, have helped my hair tremendously. It depends on exactly what your issue is but it seems to me when you have one, often times you find another or a few more issues that are happening. Just the way you outline it in your article. It is coming in thick and doesn’t fall out at all. I’m amazed and still hoping that maybe it’s the low ferritin that is giving me the brain fog. At any rate, I think these are all interconnected as our bodies do work with optimal nutrients on all fronts. Hello Dana, great news about 10 things that stopped hair loss. Please help me deal with this. I’m losing my hair for the past 2 months. I have beautiful long hair but now so thin and brittle/dry. Four months ago I had a right side thyroidectomy which I only had a nodule. I wasn’t hypo or hyper at the time. So for a year and a few month I was taking 25mg levothyroxine before my surgery. No problems with it. After my surgery 3 months later I see my endo and she says my levels are low??? And bummed me up to 25 mg so it’s 50 mg levothyroxine . I’m going through major side effects losing my hair, hot flashes and Insomnia. I informed her about the changes. She said its because of your surgery. I know my body. So she leaves on vacation and I go see her colleague and she puts mr down back to 25 mg Synthroid. I’m still losing my hair. So I decided to look for a new endo who has compassion for me. And he said my levels are low and he was going to give me T3 Liothyronine. So I’m hoping that this will help my hair from falling out??? Or could it be from the medications??? I’m definitely going to get some notes from you and get all these ten things working for ME!!!! Im feel very alone and sad. I really need help and support so that I know I’m going to be normal again. Please help me!!!. Renee, did your doctor explain that you could lose some hair from the anaesthetic that was used during surgery? I’ve had problems with my hair since was 23, that’s what sent my to the dr. Now at 60, that is my first sign of thyroid needing adjustment. One thing that has helped me is taking bio-identical hormones (compounded) and having all of my hormones check. I’m seeing a doctor that is an ob/gyn that has had the training to deal with the hormone problems. I had been on the same dosage for over a year, which was very unusual for me, but started having heart palpitation . After seeing a cardiologist,wearing a heart monitor and an echo cardiogram, it turned out to be my thyroid dosage. Getting the dosage adjusted has been great. So have a full panel thyroid ran and also all of your sex hormones. You will feel so much better. This is the best I have felt in I don’t know when. Don’t give up, take care. Donna,Thank you for your positive encouragement. It is so depressing to read all of these negative posts going from doctors not listening to meds causing you to lose more hair. It’s just very depressing to feel so bad and to be losing my hair, along with a long list of other symptoms. Will definitely have my doctor run a thyroid panel as well as female hormones. I also have been on Ferrous Sulfate for a period of time and probably need to be back on it because that causes hair loss too! Thanks again for positive input. I can’t take this anymore. The hair loss is killing me, killing my relationships and controlling my life. I don’t know what to do!. Diane, I’m sorry to hear how hair loss is affecting your life. I remember all too well what is was doing to my self-esteem. I’m hoping that one or more of the tips I mention will help you too. For years my mother’s hair thinned. She was diagnosed hypo yes ago. Fast forward 20 yrs to my own hair loss. I was told that my mom’s hypo had nothing to do with my hair loss. Then came my Hashi diagnosis. When I asked her GP if it was possible that mom had Hashi’s he said,”probably” and nothing more. No testing to see, nothing. All this time I had been told my hair loss was just genetic. No doctor ever connected the dots!! Unreal. I was taking levothyrozine 50mg and I truly think the doctor misdiagnose me…most of the females at the this doctor office is on the same strength 50mg and I find that very weird…I am on natural thyroid medications now….I first notice my hair falling out, right in the middle of the head, the crown. I am just out done by this. When I mention it to the doctor he took a uninterested attitude and just blew me off as if he didn’t care…I call the natural health clinic in Oklahoma and so far the herbs are really working for me….so far so good….thank you for having this site for all of us…God bless you…I stepping out of the levo meds…so far so good and my hair is coming back quickly. One vital element off anti-Revitol Phytoceramidessfor men arre hydroxy acids (polyhydroxy alpha-hydroxy acids aandbeta hydroxy acids), which exfoliate the kin and removesdead skin cells, makingg it a burst to the facial skin. One thing I would add to this list is candida. Candida can cause hair loss and many with weakened immune systems & thyroid disorders often have this issue. Great article, thank you for sharing!. Thank you for sharing the comment about the candida …how do you get it out of your system ? I really need to know….I never knew about candida to cause hair loss…. I’ve read that taking a good probiotic can help keep Candida under control. It helps good bacteria thrive, while knocking out some bad bacteria. HiI am having maximum symptoms .all are going to be vanish if I go through hypothyroidism treatment ? please me let me know . thank you. Hi Jyothi, yes with optimal treatment we can improve our symptoms including hair loss. I have baby hairs growing in where there were once bald spots and less hair comes out in the shower drain each time I shower so yes it’s possible. However of course the key is being optimally treated. I want to thank you for this information. I also suffer from hypothyroidism and iron deficienct anemia. I have problems with my hair getting very fine and thin spots,this is very embarrassing. Right now my level is 9.667 and taking 150 synthroid. I do not have a life because I feel so bad all the time It’s all I can do to get out of bed everyday Some days I just can’t. I have a lot of medical problems and just wander if some could be related to this problem. None of my doctors Have ever said. Feeling terrible in SC…. I have no brows or lashes and have noticed my hair thinning. So frustrated with my Dr. My levels have been low normal and my Dr. is fine with that even though I can’t lose any weight w/o severe calorie restriction (under 800) and constant exercising. The one time my levels were high normal, I felt great, had energy and lost weight. What did she do? Cut my dosage. Sure wish I could find someone who understands. Oh my goodness, it is crucial that you remove yourself from such a restricted calorie diet, you are not getting proper nutrition, that will make everything fall apart fast and I speak from experience. Read the above on my response for someone on a good multi vitamins with minerals that helped my hair. Get your iron tested before you start taking it as taking too much can also cause hair loss and you have to make sure you are low first. Get your thyroid checked out by an endocrinologist (or another one). When you eat, try to make sure you get some good protein from free range livestock and organic veggies, no sugars or breads. the vitamins I suggested are for people who have trouble absorbing nutrients. These things don’t work overnight but in about 3 months you’ll start to really notice things changing if not sooner.Best wishes to you. Hi,I suffer from both hair-loss (on my head) and hirsutism (everywhere else) – I have hair in all the wrong places.Do you know if hirsutism can get worse with these treatments?Thank you. Hi Meira, I know that these things I mention in particular the biotin, evening primrose oil and silica resulted in overall more hair on my head, eyebrows (which I needed because mine were thinning), my eyelashes but also in unwanted areas which means I find myself waxing and shaving more often yes. Have you been tested for PCOS? I ask because I hear from readers with hirsutism who have PCOS. I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS as well as hyperprolactinoma (besides Hashimoto’s).I still haven’t been able to get a proper answer from any doctor who’s ever “treated” me which of those came first and caused everything else.Today I went (for the last time) to my latest endocrinologist, who said to me that because all my blood tests are fine and everything is within its proper range, then it’s all fine and all the symptoms that I learned lately can be related to Hashimoto’s are either because I’m overweight and should undergo bariatric surgery ASAP or else there is nothing to be done about it and I should learn to live with it.Thank you for inspiring me to look for a better treatment and a better doctor who will be more open to treatments besides Eltroxin. I second Dana’s motion about PCOS you can actually have polycystic ovaries, too. They can detect the polycystic ovaries with a pelvic ultrasound. For the PCOS, with blood work testing your sex hormones. This affects my daughter in a terrible way and she found help by taking Now brand Maca root. Somehow it helps regulate the hormones in the female body by cutting down on the male hormones/ androgen percentage. It is a cousin to the turnip, sounds so simple but look up Now MACA root results on amazon reviews and it has helped a lot who suffer from the same issue. The hard part is trying to get doctors to order the tests so they can get paid for by your insurance. But don’t give up. it’s important to take them throughout the day to keep the androgens at bay. You should notice a difference in several weeks. If that is your issue. also try the supplement regimen I recommend it to someone else in these comments. And don’t forget vitamin D it is actually a hormone through synthesis and drives your whole body’s hormones system, get it tested first .Best wishes to you. I am so happy to read all this information. I have been diagnose with Hypothyroidism, severe years. I have been loosing my hair for years. I have try so many different products to regain my hair, but no luck . Until now that you are helping all of us. I feel so grateful. I am calling my endocrinologist tomorrow ,. to check on my blood test. and wil ask the right questions now. I also have: depression , anxiety, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis ;( .and no libido. I have taken lots of notes from you and I will get more blood test that I know I need. Thank you so much for all your info and knowledge that you have pass to all of us. Thank You . Please see some of my comments to others on here in case they might help you, too. I tried to get my endocrinologist to test my sex hormones but she wouldn’t do it stating that they were not going to do anything no matter what the levels were. Well, it explained a lot when I found out my testosterone level was almost at zero. I don’t know how I’m going to raise that yet but I am trying different herbal supplementation, I would be afraid of taking synthetic hormones. At least you’ll know your baseline. I ended up buying my own blood work that’s available online without having to obtain your personal physician’s request, the negative is you have to pay out of pocket. It’s available in most states, at the time of this writing. Google online blood tests, there are many just look at which one would work best for your needs and budget. Hello everybody. I would love to hear some advice from you people. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 18 years ago as a 15 years old teenager. My neck was slightly bigger than normal, apart from this symptom; I had a sudden growth of my body height and reached 185cm. This growth happened mainly from my age of 11 to 15 years. I was incredibly thin and constantly tired with low appetite. My hair was thick, heavy and long, I never had to worry about. At the age of 15 my mother started to be concerned with my missing period in that age. My visit to the doctor landed me in endocrinology and my Euthyrox 100 mg was swiftly medicated. Within couple of weeks I have experienced first hit of massive hair loss and also extreme form of dry cracked skin in my face on my arms. I was furious, but my doctor said to me not to worry about it that it will grow back and my skin will be fixed too. Needless to say – that never happened. My originally beautiful long hair was irrevocably gone, but my skin at least went back to normal. I do have long hair now but they are far from what I used to have. I am constantly going through stages of sudden hair loss and then it’s somehow stops. Truth to be told I have been lacking on taking medication regularly, my schedule of day and night shift and new bachelor degree I am trying to complete messed up my schedule massively. Ridiculously though, whenever I forget to take this awful medication my skin is immediately better. Anyway, I was told taking this meds is vital and fighting doctors is not really my desire. I am anaemic my entire life as well, but apart from that, I have maintained skinny, muscular body shape without much of a workout, which is a constant source of questions in regards of my diet and fitness training (needless to say none of it is responsible, just my thyroid). I am thinking about starting on some of the supplements mentioned here such as Biosil and awful iron supplement which same as with probably everybody caused me constipation but I would try it – but I really don’t feel like investing ridiculous amount of money into blood tests and would prefer to go with the method “try and see”. Would you people from your own experience recommend this or not?. I too am anemic (& have thyroid issues). I take Ferro-Sequels iron. I find that it’s not too constipating & it doesn’t upset my stomach if I take it with food. I also take calcium & magnesium at night to counteract the constipating effects of the iron. Might be worth a try. I also have been using Ferro Sequels. I will be trying the supplement that Dana suggests in her article for iron supplementation. Please see my other comments scattered below her article and see if any of those supplements can help you, too, a taking them regularly has caused my hair to come back like it was when I was in my teens and twenties, something I haven’t seen for some 30 years. Best wishes to you. Thanks for the information. I’ve lost much of my hair recently. I think mostly due to malnutrition…had surgery and illness and have been unable to eat much for months, but I also have hypothyroidism. Gran, estoy de acuerdo en muchas cosas. Creo que generalmente photoshop ha mejorado muchisimo en las ultimas versiones en cuantoa facilidad de uso, aparte de las características que sehan ido agregando. Hi I have had hypo since giving birth to my daughter 9+yrs ago I went yrs before starting meds for it becaise well even though I knew right after I giving birth I never felt the same as I did before for 2yrs I thought my symptoms were from being a new mom &thought came with the territory then after I finally did go to the dr&they diagnosed me I didnt think it was anything that bad( out of ignorance&being young )i never followed up till the symptoms got wayyyy worse another 2yrs later I thought I was preg but drs told me might be my thyroid soo I finally got on medsbeen on meds 5yrs(dang didnt realize been that long) my hair slowly gotten better &i.still go thru moments my hair comes out or breaks off as I run my fingers thru but I think my hair gotten way better &i do always see new growth hair or baby hairs soo I always been postive because of that my sides used to be the prob but now I just wish my crown I guess (the back )was thicker I cant tell any new growth myself from the back… I did.research a while ago & its a few things I changed I think thats help the majority of my hair….i went to.washing my hair once.a wk my bangs I do wash whenever look oily but besides that I was my full head once a wk &imstead.washing at night I wash during the day I put less heat on my thin hair & cut down on ponytails which I should stop usong at night but I can not sleep with my hair everywhere…my hair is long &while the majority is thicker than a few yrs ago the back feels thinnest right now to me &i avoid straightening thinking my scalp might show. You’re so interesting! I don’t think I have read through anything like this before.So great to find another person with some unique thoughtson this issue. Seriously. thanks for starting this up.This website is something that is required on the web, someone with a littleoriginality!. I was doing research yet again for my hair loss because it has gotten so bad in the last couple of months and found this list. The true question is, “Why WOULDN”T I have hair loss?” See, I have every one of those listed…I was born with low iron and low thyroid.(knowing what I have researched and my daughter is repeating my symptoms at a very young age) PCOS got kick started when I hit puberty at age 9. No one knew what was going on. I was out of control with weight gain, always broke out, horribly heavy periods, grouchy, couldn’t grow hair in front to save my life, and cold all the time. I have seen 20+ docs of all studies in my 41 years and no one has been able to make much of a difference. I had gastric bypass (RNY) 11 yrs ago because I thought my weight was due to my addiction to food. It was due to the Hashimoto’s and PCOS I have been suffering from. I have PCOS with severe insulin resistance and secondary hyperaldosteronism. (that is another hormone like testosterone) That means I have to watch my sodium intake because my body doesn’t release it.where salt goes water follows. I have taken some Byetta for the insulin resistance and strunk my pouch so much I do NOT have stomach anymore…that means no HCl, complete malabsorption, no iron absorption so I must have IV iron for the rest of my life. I do not absorb essential fatty acids, I eat extra protein just so I can absorb enough and I take supplements for the rest of my life BUT found my liver to be twice the size so must watch those too. I am on 150mg of Armour and 12.5mg of Iodoral which I love, however, I tested high on iodine so I gradually stopped it. I have gone back on it to hopefully help my thyroid make more T3 and grow more hair. I take selenium with it and that really helps. I take big doses of Biotin but that is making me grow fuzzy dark facial fur…so I wax, all skin and nails are completely dry and brittle and the winter doesn’t help. I notice my sleep patterns are affected when my iron is low. Also, that messes up my periods which are better since I started getting my Hashimotos better with Armour Thyroid and enough iron. I seem to feel better cutting my gluten way low. I can not lose weight at all unless the “stars” are aligned just right which doesn’t happen often. If I cut my calories too low say 500-800/day I actually gain water weight…65 lbs in 8 months was the last stint so I am on spironolactone to help w/ hyperaldosterone and water and its supposed to be helping the PCOS factor too. Last test we found my aldosterone too high again which makes no sense given that is what spironolactone does-suppress aldosterone. Too much exercise is out of the question as it causes a large amount of inflammation and no iron, no oxygen; no oxygen… no fat burn and no muscle building. I do mild walking and some yoga in hopes to keep muscle wasting at a minimum. I wish this list would help the 35+ lbs of excess skin hanging off my body from 190 lbs of weight lost. If it wasn’t for the internet, and patience and a little blessing of brains from the Lord I would not be alive at this point and feel my days are shorter than most. However, the most important part now is figuring out how to help my daughter so she doesn’t have to suffer like me. You do have a very special circumstance compared to most of those who have posted here but I would like to invite you to read my comments in case there is something there that might help you with your doctor’s guidance. I might also suggest that you could benefit from taking those such as a whole food vitamin made by companies like Standard Process. the thing is, no matter which of the supplements you take they still do take time yours might take longer. The whole food vitamins are much more easily absorbed, so I think you would have a pretty good chance with them. since you’re having such a struggle maybe you can try both and see what happens. I find them at some of my local chiropractor offices. Best wishes to you. Thanks! Just knowing I am not alone in this struggle and going crazy is help enough. It’s as if I wrote the article above…that list is in my head everyday as reminder of what to do. I find it very difficult to find someone to talk with that has a true grasp and understanding of natural health and wellness as you. I thank you so much!! I have taken various Standard Process supplements in the past and really feel the result and can confirm they work on my yearly labs. I also take some powdered/liquid supplements to help absorption and seems to go ok. I love powdered inositol!! It has helped with amazing things like sleep and PCOS symptoms and liver cleanse. I know my hubby could attest I am more calm…didn’t even realize I suffered from anxiety until inositol. You should see my medicine (supplement) cabinet…I have tried them all. I have a little of everything for every ailment. My family and I swear by Cod Liver and Vitamin D capsules by Carlson. We have dodged the flu bullet at the beginning of school as well as peak season because of it. I also would not go without my probiotic. I am on a prescription version called VSL mostly because in my case it takes HCl to keep good gut health which means I need more potent probiotic swimmers. I have tried to supplement HCl and may try again but it gives me terrible heartburn…I think because it has no stomach to stay in…goes straight to my small intestine and I must take good care of that. Don’t want to cause any irritation or holes. I find VSL to be vital in staying regular (which is vital for bypass patients so we avoid colon cancer) and my skin is much clearer and helps with those pesky hive breakouts from hypothyroid I get. I think I am allergic to my own sweat! HA!! Most people do not understand the importance of nutrition in health and well-being. You tend to take notice once you have lost the ability to uptake nutrients. One last thing that has been a life saver, the ability to enjoy exercise…although I can not do what I would like, I love it and miss doing a full yoga class or boot camp. Oh, one more thing, finding a really good chiropractor who truly understands how the body works and a good massage therapist can save a world of hurts that I promise you NO doctor is aware and wants to be aware. Put your emotions aside and don’t let anyone tell you to do something before you have done the research and fully understand pros/cons. You will be better off in the long run…coming from someone who is still overweight and insides are a mess. I work everyday on accepting/loving myself for who I am. Wow! I so needed this! I’m 62, have had hypothyroid symptoms most of my life with blood sugar issues controlled by diet. I started loosing hair for a couple years. Some may have been linked to medication (lorazepam) that I’m no longer on for sleep. I talked to my doc about my hair which was, more or less, blown off. Another visit at the doc bringing up my dismay over my hair loss. “You have long hair. It just looks like you’re losing a lot.” My lack of libido: “Why do you want to be concerned with that? You don’t need it anyway.” Yeah, I need a new doc and found one in an allergy doc of all professionals! He is treating me for Candida, he put me on 1 gram of Armour that has been heaven sent! His test for thyroid issues was having me take my temperature in the AM before rising and late morning. Hypothyroid people have low temps. I’m still having alarming (to me) hair loss. I’m Native American and my hair is very much a part of my identity. I’m taking Arctic Cod Liver oil, heavy doses of probiotics and a vitamin he carries. This article is so very helpful and so wide ranging in your research! You are an answer to so many prayers for me and others! I know it takes time. I’ve only been on Armour for 5 months but now I have other options and feel vindicated in my concerns. Thank you for the work you’ve done and sharing via your web site. Thank You for all the information. I have alopecia aerate. Just saw an Endocrinologist and she is running some test here in St. Louis, Missouri. But I think I am going to look for another Endo because she does not act like she really cares about my hair loss. It means a lot to me if the doctor shows compassion as well as intelligence. I wish all of you long hair growth and good health. Happy New Year 2015. Thanks for sharing what works for you PJ. Great to have you at Hypothyroid Mom. I too monitor my raw goitrogens but cook them to reduce the goitrogenic effect. Just wondered if you follow any search engine optimisation bloggers?I can never find useful help which can be used in a practical senseShared on StumbleUpon, someone will like it!. Gran, coincido en muchas cosas. Creo que generalmente photoshop ha mejorado muchisimo en las finalizasversiones en lo que se refiere a facilidad de uso, además de las peculiaridades que se han ido agregando. I am 27 year old male. I am suffering from heavy hair fall. My hairs was curly and Very healthy but suddenly my hairs got thin n heavy hair fall I am facing. i am eating almonds for vitamin E, and amla juice for vitamin C, also eating protein rich foods but hairfall is not getting stop. I dnt knw what happen to me. Please suggest me what test I need to do. Please help as I dnt have knowledge what steps I need to take. I’m 46 and noticed hair thinning the past 9 months. I know peri menopause is an issue low progesterone, my estrogen isn’t high and my testosertone levels total and free are in the mid to top quarter range. My dheas are slightly above range. I’ve been tested to death and my ferritin was low it’s now as of December 2014 at 76. From 23. So I’m getting there anyway, my question was were your dth levels high Dana or dheas? You said you has temple and top thinning as in male like pattern? That’s some of my problem too. My dht leveled have been fine though I also had low t3 What specifically do you think helped Mose with the temple balding? And it’s regrowing now? How long did it take to see a difference?. I also have the typical hair breakage for thyriod I’m taking a b100 complex and vitamin c Iron and just started taking epo . No dr takes my thyriod issue seriously they all say I’m fine I’ve been to 6 different o es this year with no luck. …I’m still looking for someone however if need be I will take it into my own hands. The hair loss has been the most difficult for me to deal with and unfortunately the one drs give the least amount of thought to. I too have been researching hair loss the past year, I just need it to stop now and I’d be happy. I’d feel the same way.if I saw any new growth but unfortunately I haven’t yet. Which is why is so devestating to me right now.I’m also not on any thyriod meds yet so I know meds aren’t causing the issue. Doctors generally vouch for the benefits vs the risk. If loosing a few locks of hair is worth saving your life they will obviously not care too much for your hair loss problem. Look at it another way at least you don’t have breast cancer. What an awful comment, Meh (the name is befitting). Suffer the fools, Tina, don’t let the igorance of one take you away from Dana’s precious insight and the support of others going through a similar experience. For heavens sake, I was so excited to find her article I was up all night! (Now that I see what I did, gulp, I hope she’s not too upset I wrote all over it with my own experiences). Sorry, Dana. While you are sorting through the thyroid situation, have your iron, vitamin d and b vitamin levels checked. Meantime, try boosting your system with good foods and quality supplements, a few are mentioned around in this thread. The supplements I suggested helped my hair a lot! but not the brain fog, and although I bought adrenal supplements several months ago, I worried about trying them. Dana’s article encouraged me to move forward and I’m trying them right now. Good luck. Thank you Kay I never would have thought at my aged I’d be suffering such sever hair loss. It’s hard and sad the lack of concern esp from people who don’t suffer from it. My iron was down so was d3. I’m working on both the past year but free t3 is low in the range and my progesterone is low too. I’ve tried everything. I’m not giving up mind you but sometimes I just get so depressed. My life was stolen. Please tell me what you dht levels were. I just found out mine and they are considered within normal range, but kind of high normal. My hair is shedding similar to yours. Not being on meds can make symptoms worse.i know from.experience !!! I really believe my hair has gotten better since my meds been adjusted I might still go thru spells where my hair falls/breaks but my over all head of hair is thicker &healtjier looking than a few yrs one point my hair was soo overall thin my ponytail was sad looking & my hair(which always was naturally curly )went limp no curl…i wasnt on meds for yrs(never followed up not knowing what hypo really was&what all entails )till I got very sick &i swore I was preg &i think in the long run I made things worse for myself . I did a little research a few yrs back I used to was my hair at nite while taking my nightly shower before bed which I put my damp hair in I wash my hair during the day once a wk cutting down on washing helps build up oil in your scalp &lessens breakage during washing(i do wash my bangs every couple of days &wear my hair in a bun if looks like needs to be washed) ,dont comb hair while wet wait till its dry and ive cut down on ponytails and heat. When I do wash I use a good clarifying shampoo with natural ingrdients or sometimes a baking soda wash.i really think some of those things helped including taking my meds and not letting stress affect me as curl came back and to me looks better. Dont get me wrong I still wish my hair was how it was before my daughter/hypo esp cuz looking back I didnt appreciate my hair in my younger yrs…but its gotten alot better the back of my head now seems thinner than the sides which a few yrs ago was reversed but I know a major reason is cuz I wear a ponytail at night (i cant sleep with my hair on my neck) &the thinnest is right where I put my ponytail every night…smh its been soo long an issue in my house with my hair falling/breaking that my hubby&daughter dont get grossed out when they find it in theyre food anymore .good luck:). Thyroid hormone imbalances is one of the main reason for hair loss. Maintaining the hormonal balance may help in reducing hair problem. I wonder if mine is related to thyroid, I have always had very thin fine hair. It grows slowly. I don’t lose much but sometimes you can see my scalp, It was quite bad when they first removed my thyroid. they had me on such low levels I was literally dying. 88 mcgs a day was no where near what I needed. I had one of those docs following the old methods, I could barely walk. I reported the docs… and found a new doc I now take 225 mcgs a day of synthroid as my doc said that the generics are not always as stable and the amounts are not as level as with the name brand. I am interested in the t4 t 3 conversion info. What test would I ask for. I am lucky I have a really good doc. in the salt lake area Dr Goodman in the offices behind Pioneer valley hospital ( for info purposes) in case anyone else is in the area. I am one of those who started to lose much hair since I’m on Synthroid. Should I change my medication? I can literally see more scalp than hair in my receding lines… I’m depressed. So glad to see all this great info in one place- thanks so much Dana. I’m already doing a lot of these things but still having episodes of shedding without seeing new growth. Just wondering if you experimented with. saw palmetto ( to go after she) or if any if you reading have, and what dosage you tried, in what form and if it helped. Many thanks. Thank you for this article. I will give my doctor this information and request she test me in those areas that may help me determine what supplements I need to take to get my hair back. I continue to lose my hair at a rapid pace recently due to stress and I am so ashamed. It reeks havoc with your self esteem. I would like to print this article to carry with me to my dr’s appointment. Is there a link that allows me to do that?. Thank you for this article! It really helps to know I’m not alone. I just had my second son in November. The delivery was not as easy as my first, and landed me back in the hospital just days later. They still have not figured out what went terribly wrong (and almost cost me, my life). Now 3 months later, my hair is falling out at alarming rates. I now this sounds stupid, but every time I shed (if I’m home) I have been putting it in a pile in my shower, so I can take a picture before my next appointment. The doctor insists that I am going through post-partum hair loss….but this is about 3x the amount that I lost after my first pregnancy. Being as my mother has hypothyroidism, I think it’s in the realm of possibilities. Thank you so much for all this information! I have been fighting hair loss ever since I started taking thyroid meds – almost 15 years ago! Now I have less than half my hair – and it is still thinning. I have just placed an order on Amazon for many of the nutrition supplements that you have recommended – especially the iron tabs – dissicated buffalo liver!. Also I am 47 years old and I have been on blood pressure medicine for 10 years and now they want to raise my dose from 50mg to 100 of losartan. I am always short of breath with a rapid heartbeat. Even my cardiologist has never said anything about my ferritin. I was wondering if that could be causing the shortness of breath. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. My shower drain has clogged with hair every day for 20 years. I had radioactive iodine 9 years ago for Graves. Was on Synthroid for 9 years. Switched to Armour in November. My hair is still falling out and my husband is tired of plunging the shower drain. Hi Dana, I’ve heard from an integrative nutritionist that Armour thyroid is “harsh.” I know we are all different, but is Nature-throid, more highly regarded? Is there a medication that people have better luck with for hair? I have been on Armour for almost a year. My hair came back a little, shed when my ND dropped my meds, and we just increased it again. This is taking too long, I want to wake up one day with “Chia pet” hair, all grown in and beautiful!Thanks Heather. I have just started noticing my hair thinning on the top and sides. I had my thryoid removed many years ago and am taking levothyroxine. I also have MS – diagnosed 2 years \ago. I am now 57. Because of all the meds I am taking I find it difficult to decide what is attributed to which part of my body! I am taking comfort from your posts and am carrying on with all my research. Thank you again. Hi Dana,This problem I have may not have been brought up on this web site. Background: Over the years I have had adrenal fatigue, now stabilised, and hypo thyroidism also stable on Naturthroid. I was until very recently on natural hormone replacement therapy, to stabilise menopause symptoms and supposedly to help with bone health. Now at 63 years old, I have been finding for a few years that my hearing is declining faster than it would seem normal and have read in a few places that Progesterone replacement over 60 years may be the culprit. I wondered if you have any knowledge of this. Thanks, illi. Hi,Thank you soooo much for your tips… i have hypothyroidism since around 19 years n my hair is vecoming thinner year by year. I have tried many supplements which were sold at the pharmacist, in vain…. do tors never take this subject as a real issue and all say ” don”t worry ur hair will grow blablabla… there is nothg to do ect”I really can’t wait to try all your tips, coz it is really making me sad to see my hair in the mirror, sooo depressed….Thx againnnnn. Wow your story was so accurate & detailed so many more tests I need to get done after reading your article, here’s my story I’m 28 years old with a healthy lifestyle, I went off the pill last May my hair has been shredding from root to tip non stop, I went to so many people they kept tellin me my iron is low but nothing to worry about I got so many tests done and they jusy kept sayin My range was normal but my hair was stil falling out so much that I just knew there was more to it, so a month ago I went to a naturopath he checked my iron & thyroid after so many doctors did before but it came back my thyroid was 3.8 and my iron was 24 he told me my iron needed to be at least 60-80 to stop hair loss, so i went on liquid iron double dosages for a month & Ive been eating red meat nearly everyday to up my Iron, I go back a month later & my iron hasn’t changed at all he doesn’t know say is wrong with me, my cycle is very irregular & light, i am so frustrated & fed up of doing so many tests and getting nowhere, I went to a doctor today and ask for Her to tests for hemoglobing,b12 and iron, she said yes your iron was at 25 last year but she thou that was normal even thou my hair was falling out so much, I also got my thyroid Tsh first & t4 checked kidneys & liver, so I’m just waiting on the results now I really dont know what to do anymore if she says these tests are normal, like how would any doctor think iron at 24 was normal, i just would really appreciate any help if you can understand my situation or any recommendations of who to see about this, thank you x. You mention having had your iron checked but I wonder if you’ve had ferritin checked as well. Mine was a 5-way to low. I went on iron and was faithful about taking the supplement but when it was rechecked after 6 months, had only risen to a 17. My ND told me this indicates malabsorption and has suggested a powerful probiotic as well as HCl. She asked if I have an A blood type (which I do) as people with this blood type more commonly have issues with low HCl which leads to problems with nutrient absorption. Knowing what I’ve recently learned about this, it might be an area to investigate with your doctor as well to improve ferritin levels, increase iron and thereby hopefully, boost hair growth. Can I simply just say what a comfort to discover somebody who really knowswhat they are discussing on the net. You definitely know how to bringan issue to light and make it important. A lot morepeople must look at this and understand this side of your story.I was surprised you are not more popular since you surely possess the gift. After having my most recent bloodwork done, it makes me want to just pull (what’s left of) my hair and scream. Yesterday morning I pathetically counted 793 hair that had fallen out (yes, I’m using a wide tooth comb, stopped dying my hair, stopped straightening, no pony-tails, cut 6 inches off, and I’m minimally brushing). That’s not even including what came out during the rest of the day. In addition to the hair loss, I feel like a lizard with my skin being incredibly dry. My complete metabolic panel, tsh, and cbc came back “Normal” even though I can clearly see some things are slightly lower than the norms listed. My doctor’s answer is that “it’s normal after pregnancy to lose more hair” and he’s sending me to a dermatologist. I just asked him to test for the things in this article…does anyone else have any suggestions on what to test?. I’ve been on Levothyroxine for a decade now. I found out I’m estrogen dominant and low progesterone. I just started my progesterone cream on on the 12th day to the 26th day of my cycle. How long did it take for you to see your hair loss subside?. I had a Thyroidectomy in 1985. Along with that, came a gradual hair-loss. Getting to the point of being able to see my scalp, I serched for shampoos without any sulfates (man-made-product), which was near to impossible. Finally realizing, I’m not going to find a shampoo in any beauty salon or store, without sulfates, I went Organic. Sulfates clog your pores and leave a never ending invisible film on your hair & scalp, no matter how many times you ‘switch brands’. Ever since I switched to a truly organic shampoo, I stopped loosing my hair and I have new hair grown. Today, several years later, I have a full head of hair!!!!. Due to the cold and snowy weather the past two months, I’ve taken to wearing hats everyday with a scarf underneath to protect what hair I have left from the fabric of the hat, be it wool or some sort of yarn. Today, with the predicted 45 degree temperature, I chose NOT to wear a hat and I’m so depressed at how much my scalp is now showing around the crown of my head. I am devastated. The biotin I take religiously helps my hair to grow but does not fill in the bald spots. I take hypertensive meds and, combined with the stress I’m under on a regular basis, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I need to see an decent endocrinologist to get some kind of help. No mention of low iron because of the irregular heavy periods also causes hair loss? Indirect domino effect of this horrific condition. Very good point Vanessa. I’ll be sure to come back to this article and include that point. As heavy irregular periods have probably been a major cause of my low ferritin. Thank you so much for all of this useful information, As one person posted, all in one article!I have been on this spiraling journey of thyroid issues for about 7 or 8 years. At first I thought it was just stress, then it escalated in to asking the questions, is my stress creating these illnesses or is an illness creating my stress. This is what has prompted me to continue to search for the right answers!I have went to several doctors and they have “tested” me. They smile sweetly and say, all results come back in normal range… Thank you for coming in, pay me thousands of dollars…. And go away… There is nothing wrong with you! I leave frustrated and broke, and still not “fixed”!My issues starting with anxiety, followed by chest pain brought on by anxiety, followed by major hair loss then the biggies, monthly cycle issues and weight gain and now fibromyalgia! I’ve heard it all by a variety of Dr.’s… It’s my age, when women hit 40, life and body changes. You eat too much, consume less, exercise more. Meditate. Blah blah blah.I had started to give up hope. I was training for the mini marathon in Indianapolis when I started gaining even more weight, when I exercised on a strict regiment, ate only healthy meals and ate 6 small meals a day to maintain blood sugar levels. I started have digestion issues, loosing more hair and gaining fat rapidly. I know my body very well and it is rare that I wake up in the morning and say… Ahhh I feel good. It’s more of a level of how bad do I feel today… Functional, tired and achy but determined… Or oh my god I hurt, I just want to go back to bed! I’m only 44, yet I feel like 80!One major thing for me is the fatness feeling I feel in my neck. Often times I feel as if someone is chocking me. It is uncomfortable and unsettling. I snore now if I lay on my back, and have developed a bad hip from laying on my right side mostly, because that is how I’m comfortable.I want so much to be normal again. My last Dr. Visit was devastating as it said for my 5’0 frame, at a weight of 153, I was severely obese. Wouldn’t you tend to think that going to the Dr., having those readings, and saying ” I need help”, would be a reason to explore further? Having the specific tests to ask for, is extremely helpful! Thank you!My question for readers battling this same plague is this, how does an uninformed person supposed to know what is in range and what tests to ask for? Since there is so many variations and since height and weight are a factor…. Where do you go for help? I have since given up asking Dr.’s.Thanks for any responses!!!. I felt similar frustrations you mentioned in terms of being in the ‘normal’ range but knowing that something wasn’t right. The most positive spots for me in my journey back to feeling like my best self have been experienced with the help of a Naturopathic Doctor. The NDs I’ve worked with have all been so much more knowledgable about basic body chemistry than the other GPs I’ve seen and SO much more thorough. NDs often aren’t in-network providers but your HSA or FSA funds can be used to pay the office visits and most supplements. I know this is a general suggestion but I would highly recommend identifying a good ND to be your partner and coach in working through the issues you’ve described. I noticed that you take Naturethroid along with t3. Naturethroid has t3 in it. I’m wondering if taking extra t3 would help me lose weight. Nothing else seems to help me to lose the last 20 pounds. Did that seem to make a difference in your case?. Thank you for this article & information. I just happened to find it when I googled “thyroid hair loss.”I’m now 36. I found out that I had thyroid cancer about 9 years ago. I had a full thyroid-ectomy & have been on levoxyl ever since. I’ve also had 3 children in the last 8 years. I’m always tired, but have chalked it up to kids, work, lack of sleep…Since last year I’ve noticed so much of my hair coming out in the shower and just finding it allover the place. I get bloodwork done & have Thyroid Ultrasounds every year. My endocrinologist always says my levels are “fine.” I’m definitely not fine & feel like I’m going insane! I just had bloodwork done yesterday & I have an appointment to see my endocrinologist this coming Wed. I’m really hoping she has some options for me. I’m not fine & I need something to help me. It’s so frustrating. Tears were pouring down as I read this article because I can relate to everything… Fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, skin problems, trouble sleeping, heavy 10-day menstrual cycles… I’m 36 & I feel like I’m 86 & I will never be back to myself!?Sorry for venting, but this article really hit on so many things that are bothering me. If you haven’t already, while you’re working on thyroid, also have your iron w/ ferritin, B 12 and vitamin D levels checked. Many of us found we’re also very anemic. But don’t take extra iron until you confirm you’re low first. I found “My Favorite Multiple” and “Maxi Hair Plus” helped a lot with my hair, took about three months of taking them (in my case with iron, too, because I was very low) but it made a large difference. Thanks for a concise list of helpful options!I didn’t get help from Armour, and turned to a supplement for help, which did help but not as much as I needed. Finally, an ND was able to find exactly what I needed- KyoGreens, a powdered drink mix of kelp & young grasses that has the best source of bioavailability for iodine. In my case, I no longer need a thyroid supplement because the greens have supplied the iodine needed to kick my thyroid into producing the right balance of hormones. Life. Changing. I had to take more than the box suggested- 1 TBS at least three times a day, but I have my energy back, my hair is coming in now, and BONUS my new hair is less grey!! (Apparently wheatgrass can help reverse the aging effects on hair!) Sharing in case someone is looking for an option like this. I feel so blessed to have my life, energy & hair coming back!. Do you have a list of endocrinologists or doctors in New Jersey who can help me with my hair loss?I have been to several internists for the past 40 years complaining about my thinning hair from the time I was 25 and all they do is check TSH (?) and it’s normal. Now half my hair is gone, bald spots and all are showing, tried Rogaine when it was available only by prescription and Minoxidil for women was not out in the market yet. You can see how long I’ve been trying to save my hair if it started from the days of Rogaine.Thanks!. I’m curious to find out what blog system you have beesn utilizing?I’m experiencing some small security issues with my ltest blog and I’d like to find somethhingmore safe. Do you have any solutions?. You mention hypo-thyroid issues and hair loss but I am wondering if hyper-thyroid issues also cause hair loss – I have Graves disease and have been having hair loss for years with an increase in the hair loss in the last years or so – I am 67 and was diagnosed in my late 40’s – any information you can give me regarding hair loss and “hyper” would be greatly appreciated. I am 24 and was diagnosed with Hashimotos at age 15. My symptoms have been coming and going for 10 years now, I am constantly increasing my synthroid doses, I recently added cytomel and now my symptoms are back once again with the biggest issue being hair loss! I have been taking biotin, but will have to talk to my doctor about some of these other things that could help with my hair loss. I will do anything to save my hair!. Thank you for this information. i have very similar issues as you did and for the longest time (10 years)i suffered from hair loss and cysts on my ovaries. i was able to research and found a holistic doctor and she tested my blood and we started to work on getting me back to normal. i still struggle with my hair but I’ve accepted it as it is. I do pray the thyroid can be corrected and no operations are needed. thank you. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the finest websites online.I most certainly will recommend this web site!. hello!,I really like your writing very much! proportion we communicate extra about yourarticle on AOL? I need an expert in this area to resolve my problem.May be that is you! Taking a look ahead to see you. Great goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too great.I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are sayingand the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart.I can’t wait to read much more from you. This is really a wonderful website. Hello,This website is amazing! Thank you so much for all the information. I profoundly appreciate your efforts. Thank you! I have a question. I had a terrible hair loss and skipped periods for two months last year. I consulted with a doctor and I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in November 2014. I’m 28. My doctor has stabilized me on 75mcg thyroid tablets (after trying 50 mcg). I haven’t had much problems until the beginning of this April 2015- I had No hair loss. But period skipped just for a month (Feb 2015) and then it was fine for March , April. Now my hair loss has again started for past few days like how it happened before. There is more hair fall than usual. I haven’t missed my everyday dose of tablets. Thyroxine Sodium 75 mcg. Do you think I have to test for Sex hormones or Ferritin? I would like to know your opinion on my condition. Cat, For over 2 years I have spent at minimum 20-30 hours a week on this blog in particular answering emails that come in from people needing help without having made a single dime as of yet. I am currently in the hole 10,000 dollars from Hypothyroid Mom because it costs money to have a dedicated server to manage the huge flow of traffic here which has cost me $3,000 dollars a year alone not to mention the thousands on paying technical support people whenever my site has crashed from people visiting. I’m happy to contribute my time free of charge no problem but I will not have thousands coming out of my pocket on a yearly basis and I don’t think anyone would be willing to do that. So yes there are affiliate links to things I love and use myself to help cover those costs otherwise there isn’t anyway I can financially keep this site going. I guess I’ve got to go Paleo, which is a HUGE challenge. I found out I was hypothyroid and vit D deficient in 2011. Felt rested for the first time in a long time once I got on the meds, but after a few more months I slumped again. Fatigue, joint pain, depression/anxiety. I didn’t even realize it then, but I had brain fog, too. Had my levels checked as a routine and mentioned to the dr I was still tired, cold, etc. so the he offered to check TPO abs (late 2013). I didn’t know what that meant and he said it would explain why I was hypo and that I would need to be on meds the rest of my life. Sure enough, they were really high: 700+. Cut and dry. Well, I got into graduate (nursing) school and did some research of my own and developed a relationship with a doc who is on board with the GF and autoimmune diet. I started making changes almost a year now. I’m not 100%, but avoid gluten and soy, and I’m dairy “light.” I even changed my vit D capsules to olive oil based and my thyroid med to a gluten free manufacturer. I eat Brazil nuts for selenium. After going GF and doing the Brazil nuts as best I could for a few months I had TPO abs rechecked and they had gone down to 500+. Still high, but perhaps an improvement? And wouldn’t ya know, on top of it all, I have PCOS, AND a MTHFR gene mutation which can contribute to brain fog/depression/fatigue among other things. It’s obviously complicated with my crazy body, and I’m working on being consistent with supplements and diet etc. All of this hasn’t really made me feel any better, though. It certainly doesn’t bode well for trying to get pregnant or having any amount of energy to carry on a busy life. Maybe I’m not consistent enough with it, and my random schedule and being social yet unorganized are another part of this horribly bad combo that is my life. And now I have to throw away half of my kitchen and start over? Ugh. I’m exhausted. I’ll keep at it, but Lord help!. Thank you so much for writing this article Dana. It was very helpful. I’ve brought up my hair-loss concerns to my doctor before but it seems like she wasn’t too concerned about it and was just like, “Oh it’s probably just your thyroid and low iron” and not to worry about it. It’s been 3 years already and I’m STILL losing a lot of hair… I’ll have to bring up my concerns again and be adamant about it cause it’s getting ridiculous. At this rate I will have to rely on wigs in a few years… You mentioned that retinoids (acne medication) can also cause hair loss, and I think that definitely have some effect on me. In the past three months I was prescribed a retinoid cream by a dermatologist, whom I told I have thyroid problems prescribed it to me. I didn’t know about this side effect then of course. But since all the acne creams he gave me cause my skin to be irritated I seldom used it, thank god.I have a question though, and anyone can feel free to answer if you might know something about it. I avoided dyeing my hair after I started losing a lot of hair. But today, I felt like I just finally had to try and change my color a bit. BAD idea… well it was fine until I applied the conditioner that it came with. When I was just washing the dye out, I didn’t lose that many hairs, but as soon as I put the conditioner that comes with the package in, oh my god, I’ve never lost so much in one go! I had my aunt help me apply it and she kind of handled my hair very roughly too so that might have added to the hair loss -_-; Please let me know if dyeing is okay but don’t use the conditioner it comes with? Or just don’t dye at all period?. Hi, i think that i noticed you visited my website thus i came to return the prefer?.I am trying to in finding thingsto improve my site!I suppose its good enough to use a few of your concepts!!. I’ve always noticed that i lose a lot of hair when i wash it or brush it, even when I was a little kid, but I’ve always had gut issues and ridiculously thick hair. It’s certainly gotten worse lately and I know my hashi’s isn’t being treated properly. I’ve been in tears about it more times than I care to say… I’m 23 years old… I’m too young for bald patches!. dana, you are so inspiring. thank you. other people think it is shallow of me and are just like “get a wig then” and it’s not the end of the world they say but hair loss has been the most devastating thing to me because of my low thyroid not to mention I have like a bazillion other symptoms. it’s devastating. i noticed that i could start seeing my scalp and this was about a month and a half to 2 months ago when the thyroid symptoms started to flare up and soon after I was diagnosed hypothyroid. i went on Prozac months ago but stopped because i don’t know if that was causing it too plus i didn’t know if it was periomenopause? but i was diagnosed hypothyroid. i have a TSH of 4.8. i went to a dermatologist and she was pretty rude and told me that I am just balding cause of age. I am only 40 and this happened so quick that my hair got thinner. she told me to go on rogaine and she said in 30 years she’d never saw someone lose hair from a thryoid condition. I felt so hopeless walking out of that office. My primary physician prescribed levothyroxine and was just like “see u in 4 months” so I have a doctor appt on the 30th of may with a reputable doctor that does naturethroid plus supplements and extensive testing. In the meantime I’ve been going crazy because I’m on nothing and I’m scared and so depressed I can’t take it. I’m scared that my hair loss is because I am just becoming a bald woman like the doc said. I pray that once I start treatment and perhaps go on supplements that my hair fills in because I don’t want to live like this. I am so depressed. it’s like my hair is thinner up there and i can see my scalp more. i am so scared that once i start treatment that my hair will never grow ? i have 2 daughters that need their mom to be healthy and happy. it’s tearing me apart. i need hope but i don’t have any anymore. help?. Rachel, I’ve been on thyroid meds most of my life and levo for the last ten years or so.I was also told by my doctor that my hair loss was an aging thing. I have ignored my doctor’s advice before, so I just went to plan B. I knew biotin was helpful, so I bought some biotin shampoo and conditioner. The directions said to massage the scalp with fingertips briskly while shampooing. Not sure if that was it, but in a few months I saw very short hairs coming in. My haircutter has remarked about my healthy hair. I’ve stopped using commercial products for personal hygiene where I can. Goat milk soap in the shower and coconut oil deoderant, minimal makeup most days. I’m diabetic and I ditched sugar and grains long ago. In short, I’m avoiding what chemicals I can.Last year I started sleep problems, which made me crazy. I think it was low blood sugar that triggered 4am panic attacks. I was sleep deprived and gained weight. The advice was a small protein/sugar/fat snack before bed. That worked, and I’m sleeping all night and have my personality back. I just added L-Theanine to help with the anxiety. Meditation and quiet time helps too.Every step took time to work…weeks at least…except for the bedtime snack. That was instant. Hope I helped. After mounds and mounds of research I did on why my hair was falling out and having unexplained weight gain and acne, this post is the ONLY one out there that spoke to me and ended up with getting me diagnosed with hypothyroidism and on synthroid. I really appreciate the time you took to be so thorough. I ended going to one of the recommended doctors in wellington, Fl and I was SO happy I did. I’ve only been on medication for about 3 weeks but I am pretty sure it’s working. I’ll be interested to see my results at 3 months. Thanks again for all your help. Hi Dana,I’ve been reading and re-reading this article for months, looking for something I missed. I am Paleo, exercise frequently, take 4,000 mg of high quality fish oil, take methylated B vitamins and folate, adrenal and thyroid support, 8,000 mg of biotin, and collagen. However, my hair loss has recently accelerated! My ND had reduced my compounded thyroid from 60 to 45 due to my T3 rising a bit. I was really bummed, because I was feeling great with 60 mg!Fast-forward one month: It was disastrous! I was losing energy, had trouble getting up in the morning, and didn’t want to exercise. We then increased it to 55 mg. Prior to my last blood test this past week, I asked her whether or not I was supposed to take my medication before having my lab test. I had never asked that question before! While I was clear on the fact that thyroid tests should be completed in the morning, it never occurred to me that I should NOT take my medication before my blood draw. My TSH is 4.8 and my T3 is 2.6. Several months back, when I was taking 60 mg, my TSH was around 2 and my T3 was 3.9. This is when I was feeling better and was quite disappointed that she was reducing my dosage to 45 mg. Clearly, the T3 was inaccurate. This could be a game-changer for those who are hypo and are seeking optimal treatment-for hair and everything else!Thanks for reading, and for creating this amazing resource! Heather. Thank you for your wonderful site and information. I have felt extremely overwhelmed with recent hair thinning and loss, a feeling of my body being in constant flight or fight mode, insomnia, irritability, stress, stomach pain, fatigue, sore throat around thyroid area (I have only the left side) etc…and was diagnosed recently as peri-menopausal and with hashimoto’s due to high antibodies. I am not on any thyroid medication as my Dr says my TSH level is within normal range, even though it is at the lower end of normal…? I’m taking Vit D, Super B complex, Co-Enzyme Q10, evening primrose oil and St Johns Wort. I also take 1/2 sleeping tablet to assist with a decent night’s sleep! There is so much information out there and I feel your site coves what I need to know to reverse the effects and manage my condition in an easy to understand format. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!. Thank you so much for this article. My hair literally ‘fell out’ at Christmas and have been taking every supplement I vaguely read might perhaps have an impact on its continuing thinning. But nothing seems to work. I’ve been on Levothyroxine for 10 years (diagnosed after I had had breast cancer at 36 and they just happened to measure it among a hundred other things when I didn’t pick up after the chemo and radio effects should have passed. Losing my hair to chem was one of the most distressing parts of the treatment. People assume you are just pleased to be getting help. But walking around bald is vile). Pre finding the lump of doom, I had previously been putting my utter exhaustion down to having two small kids and had even given up my professional job cos I couldn’t keep up with life (and had started hating the career I loved, I’d invested my education and 10 years of my time into. Sometimes I want to cry when I ponder the idea that that could have been due to thyroid issues even back then) and now kind of just assumed I was okay bumbling along on 100mg a day for eternity.But now at 47, my moods, reactions, levels of anxiety where I can literally feel my scalp tingling with kind of ‘fear’, ‘thinking’ is just off whack on top of losing my hair… Thing is, GPs don’t seem to join up the dots and I think your article does. When I mentioned my periods going wonky, “Menopause,” (but I’ve already done the menopause once while taking Tamoxifen for five years and it never felt like this lol); when I mentioned my thinning hair, “Get it cut short and go a lighter shade,” (Yes, I know, 7 years of training and that’s their considered medical opinion lol); crazy moods, “Calm down dear. Everyone has problems.” Anyway, I’ve had enough. Got a doctor appointment for Monday and I have made a list of the blood tests I want (courtesy of your article) and I’m booked into seeing a private endocrinologist at the end of the month, which is a big deal, big step to take in the UK for an average person like me since we have the NHS. But because a middle-aged grumpy anxious woman who has her hair falling out is hardly up there with someone with a brain tumour, I’m not exactly top billing for my allocated 8 minutes with a GP!I may turn out to have the most normal and well-adjusted hormones in the world (in which case, next stop the hairdressers and I’ll take my GPs advice). But I might not and if I don’t, if I’ve found out that I don’t have to feel like this and have my hair fall out when doctors don’t seem to care, then I’m going to feel bloody marvelous, and I’ll be heading towards managing all this stuff. So a massive thank you, Dana! M x. After reading this article a few months ago I started to take most of the listed supplements. I think my hair started to fall out less – so YEA! I’ve been on thyroid meds since I was 18 (40 years) and the last 10 years I’ve had several thyroid symptoms indicating things aren’t working, the worst for me emotionally is the severe hair loss. It took me a while to figure out the thyroid connection and doctors told me I was wrong and it was the aging process! I talked my endocrinologist into doing a T3 test and found I was severely lacking – I wasn’t even on the chart. I asked for a natural desiccated supplement, but was prescribed Cytomel and had my levothtroxine lowered and switched to generic. 1st week 5mcg of Cytomel – then up to 10mcg thereafter. I feel horrible. I’ve had to quit yoga because I feel like I’m going to pass out when I’m upside down or overheated and I had to reduce the distance and frequency of running. My normally low blood pressure has gone WAY way up! My hot flashes are back too. The doc said it was unrelated to the meds (I don’t believe this!!) Has anyone else had this reaction to Cytomel? Will it get better with time? I’ve been on this drug 6 weeks. She says my levels look pretty good now…. Hi!This gave me so much hope and that means the world to me. I have been losing hair for 3 years now. I noticed my temples thinning at first. Now my temples are bald and the middle/front of my hairline is receding. It makes me very depressed and I try to hold hope. I have been visiting doctors for this and do not want to start medication. I found out that I have a few things that can cause hair loss:1. Low Ferritin (My ferritin was at a 3 when I first discovered it. I received iron injections through the i.v. and muscle, but they would never last very long due to heavy menstrual cycles). I now found an iron supplement that my stomach can tolerate so I am hoping to get my ferritin above a 70 and keep it there!2. Low progesterone. My progesterone was 2 when it was suppose to be high during the time of the month the test was taken. My naturopath said she would like to see it above a 15. Estrogen is normal, but I don’t have the progesterone to balance it out. She has me on an oral micronized progesterone.3. Low iodine. I am taking liquid iodine to help get my levels up. 3. Slightly sluggish thyroid. My naturopath didn’t want me to start thryoid meds because she thinks addressing my progesterone and iodine will fix my thyroid.4. Very Low vitamin D. I have suffered multiple injuries (herniated discs, avascular necrosis, and some circulation problems stemming potentially from them over the last 3 years). This has caused tons of stress that I am working on as well. I am hoping there is hope in regaining my hairline. Do you have any other suggestions for me and do you believe my hair can get better?Thank you in advance!. You sound exactly like me :/ mt natropath went the same route and I continued to lose my ferritin is fine now but I still have low progesterone, iodine, oh and have your cortisol level checked that can cause loss and depending on what it is it can cause male pattern loss. I have the breaking along with the thinning Truly stinks. Have your dheas and testosterone levels checked as well. You sound exactly like me :/ mt natropath went the same route and I continued to lose my ferritin is fine now but I still have low progesterone, lo liodine, oh and have your cortisol level checked that can cause loss and depending on what it is it can cause male pattern loss. I have the breaking along with the thinning Truly stinks. Have your dheas and testosterone levels checked as well. When I had my second son I had complication after complication. Doctors were stumped, and I was losing over 1,100 hair per day. (I know this for a fact, because I sadly counted day after day. Trying to prove to my doctors that I was losing more than the 300-400 norm, post partum). I was tested for many things, most of my levels were a few points away from “normal” (whatever that means). They had no explanation whatsoever, other than it’s normal. I tried everything! Finally, I found cinnamon shampoo. Cinnamon stimulates hair growth, and it’s sulfate free/organic so it also doesn’t clog pores.allowing new growth. My son is seven months old now and my hair is growing back fast!! In my mind I look dumb because it looks like I have a buzz cut (new growth) mixed in with my long hair. I just had to share because I’m sure there are other moms in desperation. Looking for something, anything…that will help. I bought mine at lush for $11, it lasts a long time so it’s well worth smelling like big red while in the shower. Yes, the cinnamon shampoo was the one that did it for me! The other things I take: I have a low tolerance for medications/vitamins so I take a childrens multi twice a day & I take a half dose of Biotin daily. My doctors laughed when I told them I tried taking biotin to help. I was only told it will strengthen my hair, not help with re-growth. They could be right, but they were wrong about so much. Hard to believe anything they say. The biotin did help a TON with my brittle nails, and I continue to take it (not sure if it helped with regrowth though). Hi Dana, how much do i thank you for this article of yours! i turned to the web for answers to my hairfall issue; and i came across you and your wonderful advice. i conducted all the tests you mentioned and High anti bodies in my blood attacking my thyroid was detected…. am sure i will get a hand over it soon! thank you so much, again. Hi! I am very grateful for your website as I have been researching thyroid and hair loss and finally starting to have some hope.I have had low thyroid sx for many years including hair loss, extreme fatigue, memory issues, cold intolerance, and recently I feel i have about half of my hair I used to have and the texture is horrible! I had a lot of bloodwork done by my general (who is a nurse practitioner) and had her assistant call to tell me my everything was “normal”. However when I requested my results, I saw that my free T3 is low and in BOLD. Why would she ignore that? When I started to research what free t3 is I’m reading that is one of the most important thyroid tests! My free t3 is 1.69 (range 1.71-3.71). The other levels were within range TSH, free t4. My iron and ferritin were in range too, however i was taking iron supplements for a few months before the test. I also have cysts on both sides of my thyroid. I’m seeing an endo on Tuesday and was hoping for any advice on how I can convince her to prescribe armour or some t4/t3 supplement. Do you think that would help me? Are most endos reluctant to prescribe this?. Hi Jaime,I had the same issue low t3 that the dr clearly ignored! It too was in bold! You have to be your own advocate it’s sad I know I’ve been fighting hair loss and extreme breakage for over a year. Best advice I can give you is if she’s not on board and sees that there is a thyroid issue find and dr who will! I went to several Drs endos dermatologist until I found someone that acknowledged there was an issue. I worked on iron levels d3 tested sex hormones and started iodine I also tested adrenals all of these can cause hair loss. I’m just started ndt about a month ago and I’m hoping to see results soon. Good luck and never give up!!. After exploring a few of the blog articles on your blog, I honestlyappreciate your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to mybookmark webpage list and will be checking back in thenear future. Please visit my web site too and let me know what you think. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2002 and was commenced on Eltroxin 25mg. This dose has increased as the years progressed and according to my blood results I am now taking 125mg Eltroxin daily. I have numerous other auto-immune diseases including gastritis,cystitis .psorasis of toe nails and lichen planus of my finger nails. Really I dont know where it is all going to end. I started losing my hair in 2010 following a very stressful time and had bloods done . My ferritin and vitb12 were low and started supplements and using rogaine and my hair seems to go through various stages of growth and then extreme loss. Really I am at my wits end and dont know what way to turn please help.At times I have dreadful brain fog poor short term memory and insomnia. I just wanted to say thank you for this article. I just turned 30 and have been “treating” my hypothyroidism for about 3 years now. I have noticed ups and downs in my weight, thinning hair, crazy skin changes… it is good to know the right questions to be asking and to know that I do not have to suffer through these things just to make my hormones regulated. THANK YOU!!!. I am on Naturethroid my last level check was 3.2 T3 (4 or 5 weeks ago). My hair feels like it is dying. It seems dry, very thin and fly away. It has been falling out off and on for over a year. Does anyone else feel a pulling or pinching sensation in their scalp? This feeling drives me crazy! Please I need support. Or a positive word. Have been trying to get to the “right” level now for months. Last test T3 was at 3.2. Hair loss continues and is driving me mad. Is anyone else experiencing pain and pinching on the scalp. The weight of my hair – or whats left – even seems to hurt my scalp. Any ideas or suggestions. I am at my wits end! This is destroying me emotionally. Hi Diane. Funny you mention this. I’ve had a horrible sort of ‘fear’ feeling going on with my scalp for ages. Sort of prickly. It’s just so hard to pin everything down now as to is this anxiety? Is this something else? Is it a skin condition? lolMy initial post on this thread is up there somewhere. Like you, I’ve been around the houses a bit in an attempt to self-help but had my blood taken this AM for a load of things; I marched to my GP and basically listed all the tests on here and demanded they do it! Three tubes of blood later… But I’m seeing an endocrinologist on Friday. Keep at it and make people listen. Feeling low and tired can make a person (me, at least) flop over and give up a bit and just feel like, what’s the point, with hair gone and feeling like it’s all downhill from now on. lol It’s very easy to feel like you are going mad. But let’s refuse to give up finding solutions! Hugs. Mx. Thank you so much for the advice about the Evening Primrose Oil. I used to take it in only a few days per month to control PMS and breast pain (it works!) but started taking about 1.000 mg three times a day for hair loss and growth (I had a thyroidectomy years ago) . After 2 months, yes, I can definitely see a big difference, my hair is growing! =)Thank you!. I’m having these same issues of significant hair loss. My current dose of Synthroid is 112mcg, and so I’m going to ask to switch medication to natural dessicated thyroid, but I’m scared what my doctor will say. Is this the only option to synthetic? My TSH is 1.72 which my doctor says is good…. My family members all the time say that I am wasting my time here at web,however I know I am getting familiarity all the time byreading thes good content. I had problems with hair loss and the endocrinologists were worthless. They only “prescribe” more medications or do nothing when your hair loss can be exacerbated by another medication or even food. I found this out during a desperate time when I had many of the symptoms described by some of you in these posts. My face was even swollen and I had a green-yellowish goo on my scalp which would run down the side of my face. I was a horrible mess with clumps of hair falling out if I tried to comb my hair which wasn’t too often because my scalp hurt to touch it.Here’s what I did. I got the idea from a dermatologist who used natural supplements for himself. He told me that he suspected one or two of my meds as being behind the problem. I went to the Lab Corp site and looked up each medication that I was taking and then I went to the tab for thyroid tests. Imagine my surprise which turned into anger when I discovered that a medication I had been on for almost 20 some YEARS was now responsible. Many medications that doctors prescribe can and will suppress our thyroid hormones and when we eat soy, and other foods or even water with fluoride in it – your body’s immune system gets hit over and over again until it attacks back with Hashimotos. IMHO going to physicians (especially Endocrinologists) for answers today is a waste of time and money. I finally found “THE” one and only doctor who had some common sense and even he could not give me exactly what was causing it – just offered up his own theory behind what was an aggravating influence on my body. He was correct, but it took me investigating the meds and my foods to get the answers. The list of meds that can suppress hormones for thyroid include birth control pills among others for pain medications. See if you can find a pharmacist to help you – I have retained (paid of course) two pharmacists to help me even further. Even if you have to pay out-of-pocket, their input will save you countless weeks, months and in my case years of torture and health issues.I appreciate the contributions by everyone on how to relieve or reduce the symptoms, but once again it does not get to the root of what causes the problem in the first place. Please understand as someone who has battled this disease for years – if you think things are bad now wait until you have diabetes, MS, RSD, Parkinsons, or other autoimmune diseases along with hair loss and other thyroid issues all compounded by more medications or treatments. A good place to find a pharmacist to help you is a compounding pharmacy. Wishing everyone success in finding out what triggers your hair loss and scalp issues. (Note: Once I learned that medications can be dangerous for me, I am no longer willing to take multiple drugs for long periods of time when I have to take thyroid medications. Also, I limit my exposure to radiation/x-rays,) Please take this as a suggestion. I don’t want patients stopping meds cold turkey without carefully titrating off of them. Before you schedule your next doctor’s appointment, you might try asking a question of his nurse or assistant BEFORE you schedule your appointment. Ask “how many patients has the doctor helped with thyroid problems who suffer from hair loss?” If you get a vague answer or no response – go to someone else. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who can’t fix the problem and yet pay for the visit then why do we continue to use doctors who do not have a clue as to what is wrong. Maybe one day some of them will get a Facebook account or start reading the posts on Stop The Thyroid Madness, hypothyroidmom dot com or Thyroid dot com so that they can start using their medical education to actually help us. When I go see the endocrinologist on Friday, I’m going to unashamedly give him all the website and blog addresses I rate regarding where I’ve got my info. If he disregards the idea that actually patient knowledge and those people who put these places together know a thing or two, then I’ll know I’m seeing the wrong guy! Patient power! I touted this place when I went to see a GP to get the referral and he clearly didn’t think anything I said Dana had said was off the wall. Before I admitted that I’d got the list of things I wanted testing for off this site he asked, “Do you have a medical background?” He he! So Dana definitely gets a big prize for that!. […] my ears was so devastating to me that I set out on a mission to win back my hair. In the article 10 Things That Stopped My Hair Loss, I write about how I was going through a great deal of stress at the time of my hair loss and that […]. […] moment is something we can all benefit from. ♥ A good post on accepting help. ♥ 10 ways to stop hair loss caused by hypothyroidism. ♥ Can going gluten-free help fibromyalgia pain? ♥ I loved […]. […] most people consider their hair as an asset that enhances their overall appearance. The causes of hair loss or hair thinning can't be attributed to just one factor, rather there are several factors that can […]. […] here to visit source of postAndropause, male menopause or testosterone deficiency syndrome as it's now called has a long list of…o, erectile dysfunction, chills, mood swings, sleeplessness, weight gain, anxiety and depression. […]. […] saw palmetto, he shou wu (fo-ti) and other clinically proven natural ingredients to aid against hair loss. Ingredients are specially selected for increased bioavailability and maximum absorption. It starts […]. […] was important, treating my adrenal fatigue and the sudden shift in my sex hormones were key to stopping my thyroid hair loss. My experience showed loud and clear the intricate connection between our thyroid, adrenal glands, […]. […] are many different pieces to my personal thyroid success story. Optimal thyroid treatment, nutrient deficiency testing, adrenal support, sex hormone balancing, stress-reduction, gluten-free diet, reducing sugar, […]. […] Research has found that 41 percent of people with hypothyroidism experience hair loss. Over-the-counter remedies and vitamins can boost blood supply and nutrients to the follicles, so they’re worth asking your pharmacist about. Hypothyroid Mom shares the 10 Things That Stopped My Thyroid Hair Loss. […]. 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