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My old hosting service (Network Solutions) met my needs for MySQL and PHP and the uptime was good but the customer service at the old company could not have been much worse. I was unable to talk to anyone to get billing issues resolved. I had been with them for 9 years and had a huge content-oriented website that I knew would be a challenge to get everything transferred and working but about a month ago I decided to take the plunge and move. It turned out to be a very good move.The features at SiteGround include all the things I would expect from a modern hosting service, including cPanel which I find to be much easier to navigate than the management tool at my old service.The price, an unbelievable value for their entry level plan when you consider the features and the service they provide.The uptime, I am being a bit conservative in giving them 4 instead of 5 stars. I found the site down for server maintenance early one morning, but consider I am using a shared server at their entry level plan, and they were doing planned server maintenance. The good news, as soon I as I went to support to enter a ticket, there was a message informing me of exactly what was going on, and the site was back up in just a few minutes.The service - this is where SiteGround is absolutely amazing. I had a lot of issues to resolve with my ancient website to clear up some things that I had been ignoring at the old site. Anytime I put in a ticket I had how to get rid of a response within minutes - and not just a "we'll get back to you later" response. An ACTUAL response that quickly solved the problem. This included many questions I did not really expect to be within the scope of their basic customer service, like advise on how to cure MySQL problems with accented characters.If you don't like to use their ticket/chat service, you can call on the phone and talk to someone, but I only needed to do that once for an issue I did not know how to explain. They also have an outstanding FAQ database and library of instructions on everything from the basics to SEO.And okay, here are the only negative things I could say. 1. There is a limit on Inode usage that was not made clear to me when I signed up. 15,000 for their minimum plan. I had many thousands of small image files used as instant thumbnails and stored on the server instead of built there on demand. After nine years I had built up a lot of unused ones which did not impact storage space very much but did impact Inode count. I had to go in and clean up my website to get well under the limit. 2. There is a 2000 file limit on the FTP client listings, so I had to break up some subdirectories to see them all in Filezilla. (Still had the alternative to use their file manager on cPanel). I am guessing these are things that would be standard on almost any entry level web hosting plan.So bottom line, I could not be happier with SiteGround! They are a great value and absolutely the best for support and customer service. I am not sure how they would be for a WYSIWYG type web builder tool because I did not use anything like that, but for certain they have met all my needs and at a very good price.