How To Get Rid Of Hives Due To Allergic Reaction

12/12/2014 1 check-in Wow.A business with a 5-star Yelp rating based on over 180 reviews says a lot about it! I rarely see this and when I went there, I realized they were deserving of such a rating. Impressive! The entire experience, from beginning to end, was very organized, fun, unique, picturesque. And the staff, from the two ladies at the check-in desk, to our two wonderful guides, were all friendly and professional.Like they really enjoyed their jobs and were happy to have us as their guests. Special thanks to our guides, especially Sugar, who was so funny and friendly and made the tour extra enjoyable!We went on a 3 hour ATV tour at 8am. It was my first time riding an ATV and it was fun. The trail itself was rough and rocky at times, with small ditches and sharp turns, but it wasn't that bad. My bf loved the rough terrain because he was the driver and enjoyed speeding up over the ditches. The trail wasn't how to get rid of hives due to allergic reaction wet so there was little mud. I can imagine you can get quite muddy if it had been raining.The terrain we explored was quite impressive and the guides do a great job of explaining the history of this private land. Towards the end of the tour, we ended up at the top of the mountain, where we were treated to a gorgeous view of a private beach, accessible only by boat. Another highlight: when we stopped by a small river where there was a swinging rope. There, you could either swing and hold on, swing and jump into the water, or fake swing (just pose with the rope and take a photo). Fun!Another interesting fact was that many Hollywood Movies were filmed there! The guides do a great job of pointing out the location of various movie scenes.  Attire: I didn't know what to expect but for those wondering.My female attire included: workout clothes, long sleeved shirt, cropped pants, hiking shoes. They do provide a bandana, which is a must bc the dust gets into your mouth. They also provide helmets, of course, and goggles for your eyes. The day we went, we didn't need the goggles and opted for our sunglasses instead. An overall excellent experience. The guides did such a great job and it was refreshing to see they were appreciated by the generous gifts they were receiving from other patrons at the end of our tour. Great Job and Great Company. Highly recommend! The swinging rope! The swinging rope! Picturesque Views Picturesque Views ATV fun! ATV fun! See all photos from Kanoe I. for Kipu Ranch Adventures