Get Rid Of Small Tattoo

­­Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, which is believed to lie dormant i­n certain nerve cells of the body until it is activated by stress, anxiety, a cold, or excessive exposure to the sun. The sores last anywhere from 7 to 14 days.Although some use the terms "cold sore" and "canker sore" interchangeably, they are different. Unlike cold sores, canker sores are bacterial infections inside the mouth that are characterized by small, round, white areas surrounded by a sharp halo of red. And, while cold sores are highly contagious, canker sores are not.Unfortunately, attempting to camouflage a cold sore with makeup often aggravates the problem. Still, while you can't do much about the way a cold sore looks, you can do a few things to help decrease discomfort, speed healing, and keep it from coming back. You can even take steps to prevent passing on your cold sore to others. Here's how.<H3></H3><DIV class=additional-details>I had my ears pierced (14g). Left one healed up find and is great. Right one gave me issues. It bleed a lot when it was pierced, it hurt more, and it stayed red much longer than the left. Eventually I noticed a knot/bump around it, which was red, swollen, and painful to the touch. So after some debating I took out the earring and soaked it in sea salt and used lots of tea tree oil and even a few applications of hydrogen peroxide. The swelling went away, the pain and the redness stopped, and the knot even reduced some. However its been a few weeks now and the knot hasn't gone away completely (it is smaller than a BB i would say or about the size of one) and someone said it is scar tissue get rid of small tattoo and will always be visible and if I was to get a re-pierce in the ear it would be even riskier. So I ask what am I to do? Is there a way to get rid of scar tissue knots and if not is it safe to go ahead and redo my right ear. I just don't like being the guy with only 1 earring.that's a little to 80s for me. Any help would be appreciated.</DIV>. First of all, you shouldn't use hydrogen peroxide on piercings. Next time just use a SSS or H2Ocean.</p>To get rid of the scar tissue, you should massage your ears every day. Although it's not necessary, you might want to look into emu oil or jojoba oil to use to massage with because it speeds up the process of getting rid of scar tissue. </p>. I have some of those from old retired piercings. From experience, they can be minimized but they don't go away totally(mine have been there for 5 years). Repiercing through scar tissue shouldn't be a problem as long as it's adequately healed and settled, but it's a good idea to talk to the piercer about it if you're worried. sorry this post is more then a week old and I'm replying! but I'm kind of having the same problem with my ear. If I still had a very tiny bump. and I got it re-pierced in the same spot, would it cut out that bump? or would I have to get a very small dermal punch?[:S] I do have a picture of my ear if it would really help but I don't think it's too necessary. :P </p>. My name is Lauren Current: 1/2" lobes, 14g seconds, 18g thirds, two 2g conch punches, 14g helix, 16g L/R nostrils, 12g septum, 2 tiny tattoos. I think it's a better idea to talk to your piercer since she/he'll be better able to access the situation and make suggestions that fit your needs. <P mce_keep="true">Well I did manage to repair my earlobe some. I just flat out took out my piercing and used tea tree oil and some almond oil treatments for a week. After about that time the knot began to dismiss and now is barely hanging on. So maybe try that.and make sure you go to the best piercer you can.I think that was my mistake. I live in a very small town and not many quality places around. Good luck.</P>. <P mce_keep="true">Thanks for the help ^.^ Ya, I'll talk to my piercer about it and see what he thinks.I've had the jewelry out for quite some time now. Maybe a month or so? (Yes I know it will take more time then that:P )Question: How exactly did you make your "tea tree oil" treatment o.O did you just mix those two oils you mentioned?A while ago when I had my nose pierced and I got the wonderful "nose bump" I heard that using tea tree oil on it could be helpful.The tea tree oil said on it that it can be applied to skin without needing a base oil. I don't think that was ok o.O because it pissed my nose off more and made the skin on the bump practically raw and sore to the touch. Bleh.Any help would be wonderful. thanks for the info. I really appreciate it []</P>. My name is Lauren Current: 1/2" lobes, 14g seconds, 18g thirds, two 2g conch punches, 14g helix, 16g L/R nostrils, 12g septum, 2 tiny tattoos. I had a small lump on the back of my conch piercing, and I used tea tree oil on it. I just swabbed it once or twice a day with a cotton swab and a little of the oil, and within a week it had gotten alot smaller. However, some people are evidentially more sensitive to it, so that could be your problem.You don't need alot, just a little dab.</p>.