Diy Home Energy System

Plans, tools and information  to help you build  renewable energy and conservation projects. Hundreds of projects -- from changing a light bulb to building a solar homes. Design information and tools  for building renewable energy projects. An Experimental section for backyard inventors. Nothing For Sale here -- just free ideas, plans, and information. Subscribe to the Newsletter. If you have any questions on solar or renewable energy projects, or suggestions to make the site better, or have an energy related idea, or have a project you have done or seen elsewhere -- lets hear about it. Subscribe to the Newsletter. The Solar Space Heating section has solar water and air heating systems with and without storage -- some 87 projects. The Solar Water Heating section provides many DIY builds for solar water heating systems including batch, thermosyphon, drain back, and closed loop systems, solar showers, solar stock tanks, kits, .  117 projects and ideas. The Energy Conservation Page provides ranging from free bubble wrap window insulation to complete redo's of homes.  Insulation, appliances, window treatments, lighting, drying, . about 150 projects and ideas. The Passive Cooling section has dozens of practical and low cost projects and ideas for cooling --  insulating, preventing solar gain, ventilations, shading, efficient active cooling, earth tubes, landscaping, .  77 projects and ideas. The Water Conservation Section covers rain harvest systems of many types, diy home energy system efficient toilets,  grey water reuse, solar stills, .  Plus a basics and DIY guides section.  75 builds, ideas, and guides. The Solar Homes section is a very large collection of information on designing and building solar and energy efficient homes -- plans, construction techniques, design information, examples .   293 builds, plans, guides and ideas.  . The Solar Cooking and Food Drying section has more than 40 projects for building solar cookers and ovens, solar food drying, and root cellars. The References Section has material on designing renewable energy systems, weather and sun data, pump/fan/duct/pipe sizing, heat loss calculators, materials information, component data, . much more.  I'm an engineer -- there is lots of analytical and design information here. The Experimental Section -- new ideas, new technologies, down to earth experimental stuff.  The garage inventors nirvana. 112 builds, ideas, articles. The Biofuels Section has design and build information on veggie oil, bio diesel, making and using ethanol, methane generators, wood gas vehicles, masonry heaters, rocket stoves, wood water heating, and heat from compost. . Forty great projects for kids/students to have fun learning about solar and renewable energy -- wind turbines, PV boats, Solargraphy, heat transfer, solar mechanics, . Solar for Kids. A collection of solar and conservation projects that cost much less than you think they would -- several that cost nothing!. The Solar Sunspace and Greenhouse section has much design and build information for solar space heating sunspaces and for solar greenhouses.   90 projects, plans, ideas. -Some small updates to the Solar Stock Heated Tank -- this is a good time of year to get going on building yours. -Nick Pine has a new blog with articles of interest to people designing and building renewable energy projects. Ask the Renewable Engineer. - Barrel projects -- Several interesting water harvesting schemes and lots of other ideas -- composting barrels, feeders, planters, floats, chairs, doghouses, chicken houses,. If you have any suggestions to make the site better, have an energy related idea, or have a project you have done or seen elsewhere -- lets hear about it. The Half Program is a systematic way to choose the solar and conservation projects that will give you the most bang for the buck.   Its amazing what can be accomplished and how good the return is when you choose projects carefully. Its the most important thing on this site.