Cellulite Free Forever Book Reviews

may 28;20121) i bought this item from HEALTHandMED. the item arrived 2 days earlier.2) the belt is 48'. make sure you measure your measure your belly.if you are 46' the the belt will fit you.if you are over 47' the the belt will not fit you. my advice is to contact HEALTHandMED and request an extention velcro in order to fit you.3) when ordering make sure you order the SWEET SWEAT. so you burn youself4) the belt was short when i received it.the brochure didn't have a contact phone number.so;i contacted healthmed. they contacted within the hour.providing me with the phone number.also;offering the extention velcro.5) the help line is Precision Therapy 863-824-7491i used the belt 3 times using my slenderome extention velcro.until i receive the right velcro from healthmed.then cellulite free forever book reviews i will let you know if the belt works or not.before using the belt make sure you have a towell near you because you will sweat (like a pig;lol)my 5 stars rating is for customer service and their respond time.p.s:i will keep you updating about my progress of using the belt.