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About the Manufacturer Liberty Furniture prides themselves on providing superior quality furniture to a unique and valued customer base through a life-long devotion to selfless service, continuous enrichment, and genuine integrity. From their design to their customers, these values define all that they do. Liberty is here to serve you today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.At Liberty, they make sure that their company and their employees maintain only the highest levels of values at all times. They believe that an uncompromising dedication to enriching the lives of each customer and each community as a whole provides a level of success and joy everyone can all appreciate. In all Liberty does, they emphasize respect for everyone they come in contact with, dedication to hard work, and loyalty to their customers and their company. They strive to be selfless and improve their community by sponsoring youth sports leagues and donating to other great causes. They are proud of their long-standing integrity they have consistently.said "Flemings is known for quality and experience. The ambiance is dim and romantic. The servers accommodating and always…" read more. I got a wonderful response from Vickie in regards to what happened that night. I will be giving The Liberty another shot!. Liberty Bar aka "Oh that place you have to walk through in order to get to East Side King" gets 5 stars for their friendly service alone. The bartenders were very friendly and helpful in explaining their specials and speciality drinks. I appreciate that, because I'm always down for a deal. As I mentioned in my East Side King review, the door guy went all Inspector Gadget on our drivers licenses, but he wasn't rude about it (peculiar nonetheless). The restrooms are nice and clean and there's plenty of seating if you opt to sit inside, although most don't. This past weekend was my first time coming at night and it was a full house. There appeared to be 4 bartenders working, so the wait for a drink wasn't long at all.3 minutes tops. They offer a $5 Jim Beam shot and Lonestar, so my girlfriend and I had 3 rounds of those and left with a great buzz. I like Liberty Ball a lot and can't wait to come back. Just realized the review I did for Liberty was posted (using passive voice, but hey, it was me) to East Side Kings instead. So here ya go:Great place for a happy hour. Huge patio with East Side Kings food trailer, which has thai chicken, pork sandwiches, and cool veggies. Good beer selection and bartenders were knowledgeable and gave samples. Perfect for a nice evening. Probably wouldn't go there if it's not nice outside--the inside is pretty dismal.Parking can be a bear, and watch out for all the biking bearded hipsters in skinny jeans. This bar rules! Great drinks, friendly staff, clean bathrooms and the music/TV isn't too loud. There is a great food truck in the back. I just adore it!If you want to relax, drink a good drink, deal with people that like their job and have a good meal this is the place for you. Afternoon drinking and food trucks makes for a good day. Dark as heck inside. Large patio and punk rock outside. Local beers and knoshing before heading back home. I go here for the food.  Would I come here if the food was not here?  Yes, just not as often as I do now.The Liberty is a dive. They have cheap drinks, which is good.  Sometimes it can be a pain to get a drink, but usually I guess it is not that bad.  I have never ever hung out inside.  The place to be is absolutely the nice huge patio in the back.  They have big, long picnic tables pushed together in rows.  Good thing they have all this seating because people flock here for the East Side King food truck.  Liberty is at least consistent in what they do and I appreciate that.  I will be back. I've been to Liberty a couple of times now, and I love it! Sure, it's dark and a little dirty, but that's how dive bars are supposed to be. I've never had any problems with the staff, they seem really nice, if a little strict. One time a door guy spent a minute and a half examining my ID. My family and me went last saturday for happy hour and the bartender was super nice. He made up some drink for my mom that she loved, talked to my dad about beer for way too long, and made me a hot drink that was so yummy! I've been here with a large group and we took over a big chuck of the inside area, it was perfect for hanging out and talking to a lot of people at once. If that's your plan, my advice is to get there early, it can get pretty busy on the weekends.I see other people talking down on this place, but that's never been my experience. I love the Liberty. The food truck in the back is good too, if not a little inconsistent. Sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it's just okay. The Liberty is one of my favorite venues in Austin. Their indoor space is super divey and the perfect place to hide from the brutal Texas sun if you're in one of those "I just want to sit in a dark corner & enjoy my beer" moods.  The patio is superior to any other in Austin due to the numerous long picnic tables. The patio is my favorite place to meet large groups of friends because there is ample seating and a layout that makes everyone easy to find. There is a East Side King food truck out on the patio. ESK is one of Austin's most well-loved food trucks. Food is a crucial consideration when planning for large group events, and East Side King never disappoints. The chicken kiraage, beet home fries, and brussels sprouts are my favorites. ESK is always consistent and delicious.  Tip: If you order the beet home fries, give them a while to cool off before attempting to eat them!  They arrive to your table PIPING hot and you will certainly burn your mouth if you don't give them a few minutes to cool off.Tip: ALWAYS bring your ID. You won't get passed the bouncer at the front door if you've accidentally left your ID at home.  Also, even though The Liberty serves food, they only admit people over age 21. Keep this in mind if you are planning group events for people of various ages. The Liberty is a quintessential East (Hipster) Sixth bar. It's divey. It's grungy. The bathroom currently doesn't have any dividers (undergoing renovations). They have insanely cheap bears and a decent selection of local beers on tap. Their backyard has an extensive array of picnic tables and plenty of mosquitos to go around. The only word I've ever heard the bartenders say is "Okay," which is fine by me.The real gem is the East Side King food-truck parked out back serving up delicious creations from Paul Qui. Seriously, who knew brussel sprouts could taste so good? Also worth checking out the Thai Chicken Karaage and Veggie Meshi that are now staples of all the ESK trailers. I've been coming here for years, so it's a shock that I haven't reviewed it. When my best friend was moving to Chicago, this is the place she chose to have her last hurrah - so that tells you something. The inside is so-so, and the patio is where it's at. There are several picnic tables, and an East Side King truck to help you chase your beer with deep fried Asian goodness. The staff is nice, and the drinks are cheap. Warning: Regardless of your age, you better bring your ID. My boyfriend's mother was visiting from England and forgot her passport, and she almost didn't get to go in!. Four stars for friendly bartenders and a dog-friendly scene.  This is a perfect bar (outside) for a cool, sunny day.  The inside is pretty dark and depressing, but hey!  Sometimes that's what you're looking for. When I first saw this place I was like "Uhhh, what?" But I was going on a friend's suggestion and I trust her, so I figured, like most east side bars, the patio in the back was something to write home about. The inside is dingy and dark, the bartenders are aloof and uninterested (what I expect from any place on the East side) but the drinks are CHEAP folks. And East Side King is parked in the back and oh my stars is that food trailer heaven. We snagged a couple of picnic tables for our party of 20+ and had a grand ol' time all night. Plus, they have charming globe string lights criss crossing above the tables. Who doesn't love string lights?! Go for the patio, the food trailer, and cheap drinks. Love the backyard patio. Classic dive bar. The bartenders aren't the friendliest crew around, which surprises me since I've never experienced that at similar places like this. I felt like I was at a pretentious bar in the Domain every time I had to order a drink. Beers were good and reasonably priced. Food truck out back has delicious Thai and fried Beets. Our whole crowd were fans. I'm just going to give y'all a list if why I won't be back. - They weren't open when we arrived despite the hours online and on their door.  They didn't answer the phone either.- They finally open and the door guy is smoking and treats me to his exhale of smoke as he checks my id. - Zero ambience.  There were only 3 other people and no music.  This is a prime example of the worst of Austin aka jerks with beards that use the keep Austin weird as an excuse to not try. Shitbag bartenders who can't serve 5 people drinks inside of half an hour because they're too busy smugly insulting the patrons don't make up for solid environment and the killer ESK food truck. If you're hungry, check out the ESK truck at whisler. If you're thirsty, go somewhere with bartenders who are at least friendly or competent. I love the picnic tables out back, the cheap beer, and the East Side Kings food truck in the back. Always a destination for me when I go to East 6th, either at the beginning of the night or the end of the night. I haven't been to Liberty in forever, which cements the subsequent reviews of many others, that it is irrelevant at best. Unfortunately, my current beef with Liberty stems not from its beer selection or ambiance, but from the complete ineptitude and cowardice of its staff. I was assaulted outside of Liberty Bar last Friday night (in an anti-gay hate crime, if you must know) and although the assailants were in no hurry to leave, bar staff refused to even stand by them while we waited for the police. One particularly dumb girl even told me "Don't worry, karma will get them," as if that somehow slowed the trickle of blood rolling down my lip. I hope karma gets these fools - and that their bar is closed by this time next year. If I were only rating Liberty Bar itself, I'd give it one or two stars. Although I do have to give… If I were only rating Liberty Bar itself, I'd give it one or two stars. Although I do have to give Liberty props for being much friendlier and more welcoming than its biker-chic facade suggests it would be, the drinks and ambiance are far too similar to places like Side Bar -- and the bar itself it far too distant from Austin's downtown core -- to justify it's ever-so-slightly higher prices.I do like the food trailer in back, though. Read more. Came here to watch the oscars and had a great time!! Great drink specials, good vibes. the bar tenders Joe and Joey were the coolest cool. Great drink prices!. I have been here many times. Many, many times.too many. A couple of the bartenders are nice, but too many times I have had to deal with assholicness coming from their general direction. One tattooed meat headed one needs a c*nt punt for sure! At the end of SXSW he tried to double charge me. He refused to change his mind that I owed $16 for 2 lone stars. $8 each for a lone star?? Who knows what that was about. I have my ideas, but pretty sure that would violate policy to state them. The manager had to step in and tell him to go take a break. The manager handled it well and actually didn't make us pay at all. That was nice. I guess SX crowds get old, but still. I have had too many similar experiences to come back and give this place my $.  Another time, I left my phone there. When I went back the next day, they told me there was no lost and found. Like no place where they put lost and found items. I thought that was odd. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person to have ever left anything there. It's a bar. They have lost my trust and my loyalty. That was the last time I've been there. Never again. Luckily, there are many other Paul Qui food trucks elsewhere as that was a main draw. Holy sh*t, guys, this place is awesome.Want a $1.50 PBR tallboy? Happy hour is currently until 9pm, so there's your chance.Drinks are cheap regardless. It's charmingly divey, with a pool table, a good size patio with heat lamps, many picnic tables and an East Side King food trailer. The bartenders are nice and quick, the crowd is pretty chill and it's usually just busy enough so you don't feel like the only people there but you can find a seat. Plenty of bike parking out front, too. Added bonus: dog friendly, inside and out. I love the picnic tables out back, that this place is dog friendly, that East Side King is in the backyard, that they carry Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, and that the staff are all very friendly. Great place to meet a group of friends and actually be able to speak to them without yelling over music. Ok, so the real reason I went here is because they have ESK in back. As it turns out, I have reasons to go back!Huge outdoor patio with communal seating makes for a great people watching and socializing. (Dog-friendly too, bonus) As Erik W mentioned, very interesting diverse crowd here (saw a dude in a business suit, a couple in their 70s, all mixed in with East side locals). Better beer selection than I expected, the Liberty will likely grab a spot on my beer list. We eventually moved inside because I was tired of pressing refresh on my phone (early rounds of March Madness). They do have a few TVs though none seemed to be that well placed for viewing. I think mostly they are there so you can look up time to time just to catch a score.  It's a bit dark and dingy in there, but what East side bar isn't. they do have a pool table and art interesting enough that a dude was taking a picture of it. Street parking only, bummer. Next time we'll just ride bikes. Cheap drinks. I think that's reason enough to celebrate and head to the Liberty.This place seems to always fill up every night with the usual assorted mix of east siders- but mostly in the hipster variety. You can easily get invited to some interesting conversations with some patrons who have had to much Lone Star. And who could forget that ESK is in the back and has the most delicious brussel sprouts this side of Austin.Load up some ESK and a few bourbons on the rocks, and maybe. watch where you sit. This is the east side you know? We haven't received any awards for being the cleanest side of Austin. We went to The Liberty last Friday evening and I have to say I was very surprised at the eclectic group of patrons. Young and old, hipster and bro, low-income and wealthy, all congregating for two reasons: good beer and East Side King. The Liberty has a surprisingly good beer selection. Not a lot of beers on tap, but they have a ton of good bottled beers. Local, foreign, and domestic beers galore - all to be had at reasonable prices. With the always reliable and delicious ESK in the back, you can't get much better grub for the money in Austin. Try the beets, they're amazing.The Liberty is also a dog friendly establishment. They have a great outdoor "backyard" that has a ton of picnic tables. Inside they have a pool table and a handful of small TVs. Not ideal for watching sports, but you can if you need your fix. Love this little east side gem.  The inside is very divey feeling, but the patio is a classy laid back set of picnic benches with an backyard liberty customer service east side kings food truck built into the wall. I usually try to reserve my trips here to nice weather because the inside is loud and dark and not my scene but I will keep coming back for the back patio. The dive bar prices I won't complain about for sure. I get that you're the epitome of the East Austin attitude and that half of your charm is you're aloof towards the customers, however you should really just try a bit harder.If it wasn't for East Side King in your backyard driving in the masses I doubt people would flock to pay for drafts that are more expensive than nearby violet crown or white horse. The place seems like it hasn't been cleaned in ages (especially the bathrooms) and could really use a good scrubbing. Since I will continue coming here for East Side King (as will many others) I doubt anything will change, but please educate your staff on customer service and how to pick up a sponge every once in awhile.Thanks!. I really like this place. I don't get the comments on rude bartenders . there were at least three guys working the bar when we went there, and it was dead inside but packed outside. Maybe they deal with a lot of rude drunk people? It was nice to hang out inside and be able to have a conversation. We enjoyed our beers, the bartenders said "thank you" and "you're welcome," and were on our way. Enjoy the divey feel, and that it looks like a pirate dungeon. We'll be back. I love the outdoor are here. The staff is always nice even when there's a ton of people at the bar. They have a heavy pour and good prices. The inside can be a little dark and scary looking but go outside and you'll feel right at home. The jukebox is great and East Side King is here! What more do you need?. I like liberty okay. The bar staff is mostly friendly and service is pretty quick; the wait time is never long even if there is a line to the bar. It is kind of a pain in the ass to have to go out to the front bar every time you need another drink since the back is the place to be. I'd also say that I wouldn't really ever want to come here if it wasn't for East Side King. Bartender was a JERK on a sat afternoon-door guy tried to start a fight-nope-no thank you-there are way better bars down the street than this place. The pretension is choking me. If it weren't for the awesome patio and my frequent cravings for Eastside King, I would never come back. The bartenders are self proclaimed elitists. I understand that their attitude is part of the shtick but come on-can't I order a drink without an eye roll? I guess it's my own fault for my adamant refusal to give up on the liberty entirely!. I love the patio area on a nice day out. Very social and friendly spot. The food trailer outside is wonderful, try it out. The bartenders were helpful when i was trying to figure out the name of a beer (Hennepin). I love the beer choices!. Liberty bar is the all encompassing East Austin bar.  If they made a mold of how to do a bar in East Austin it would be this place.Liberty has cheap beer, pool tables, a back patio, and a damn good food truck.  Done and Done.  Nothing more to really say about this place, either you have already experienced it or you do not go to East Austin for drinks. This bar is great.  Nice and spacious, with East Side Kings right out back.  The drinks are good and the bartenders know what they are doing.  There is one bartender in particular who was really good and created a tasty drink concoction of his own.  I think his name was Sean, or something like that. This user has arrived from Qype, a company acquired by Yelp in 2012. We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience. This user has arrived from Cityvox, a company acquired by Yelp in 2014. We have integrated the two sites to bring you one great local experience.